Phelous and the Movies

Phelous and The Movies is apparently what this show is actually called now.
It’s a comedy/review show which covers animated features, horror movies, and other subjects Phelous loves talking about like TMNT, Ghostbusters and Mortal Kombat.

TMNT Movie Edits

Talking about some of the modifications made to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie made in some regions. Including a weird version from Japan which renamed it Hero Turtles and took out all Japanese references.

Tangled Up

Tangled Up is really Britannica’s Tales Around the World Rapunzel but in 2012 a company called Brightspark Productions slapped a Disney rip off cover on it. So we also have the Rapunzel like stories of Fenchelchen and when King Solomon put his daughter in a tower.