• Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
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    Nice review.

    Personally, my favorite RE games are 4 and the Revelations games, and I like the mix of action and horror when balanced right.

    I think what Capcom gets wrong with Ethan is that they mix two protagonist archetypes incorrectly.

    Is he a player stand in…or an integral part of the story? RE: 8 seems to try and make him both at the same time, and that doesn’t really work as you pointed out,  he’s too bland to be a major driver of the story, but too involved in plot to be a player avatar.

    Neither style of narrative perspective is bad, but they don’t always mech well together, you really have to commit to one eventually.

  • Otaku World Order
    Otaku World Order
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    I have to admit, the fact that RE8 was announced with Ethan and Chris killed a lot of my interest in it.

    Chris Redifeld has become the most overused and also one of the blandest characters in Resident Evil. It’s been obvious for a while that Capcom has no new character ideas for him (or Leon for that matter) and they still insist on not only putting him in the main entries but pairing him with character even blander then him like Piers in RE6 or Ethan in RE7 and this. If they’re so determined to put Chris in everything couldn’t they put him with Jill or Claire or Barry or Sheva or just about anyone interesting?

    I really wish they did more stuff like Revelations 2. Granted, Claire is my favorite RE character, so I am biased, but bringing Barry back felt like a nice change and making the focus partly about his estranged relationship with Moira. It was also an excuse to rehash every cheesy memed-to-death Barry line from the original RE, but I’m okay with that.