Pokémon Unauthorized Master’s Guide

This is Pokemon like you’ve never seen it before! This is the side of Pokemon Nintendo doesn’t want you to know about! This is how it really was in 1999 playing the Pokemon Card Game ! Get ready to put the Smackdown with your Pokemon and Ernie Hudson!

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  • Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
    MY GAWD!
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    A fascinating little pop culture sidebar.

    No doubt about it,  Ernie Hudson rocks!

    I never got into the cards or the other merch, but I enjoyed the games on my GBC, and even watched the anime a little, even though I was supposed to be too old for them. Jamie whatsisface reminds me a little of a slightly heftier David Arquette.


    Thanks for checking this out and highlighting it, this fits in nicely with those “unauthorized” guides to games in print and VHS from the 90s…but this had a lot more nonsense in it.