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    Well, it looks like another GoodTimes film where the voice actors are the ones putting in the most effort. I had forgotten Terri Hawkes was the dub voice of Sailor Moon. Now I’m reminded of when I started playing Dino Crisis and Regina was voiced by Stephanie Morgenstern doing her Sailor Venus voice.

    I’m not sure if this version is more pathetic then the Tom and Jerry version though.

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    Rankin Bass made an adaptation of The Wizard of Oz. The art is really awful.

    Are you hinting at a new Galaxy Hole episode?

    So like… Is she doing 100% of the female voices?

    The Tin Woodman being a bloodthirsty asshole with no respect for animals, the Cowardly Lion being brave with low self esteem, & Dorothy being very assertive are how I remember them from the books. So I guess this is the most accurate animated adaptation personality wise.