Mortal Kombat (2021)

The Mortal Kombat reboot film does a couple things better than the 95 one but also has some strange power ups, Mortal Kombat logo markings, pointless new characters and an overall odd roster.


  • Silverstar
    Comments: 145

    Regarding the whole Cage/Kano thing: an early draft of the script did have both Johnny and Kano, but the characters were doing basically the same things; the producers felt that 2 full-of-themselves characters cracking wise about the goings-on was too much, and they were probably right, but I would hasten to say that the more logical solution would be to just Kano on the baddies’ side from the get-go since we all know he was headed there anyway and have Johnny as the heroes’ resident comedy relief. And yeah, Cole could’ve easily been Johnny, just lose his family and make him an actor trying to prove himself rather than an MMA fighter with Glass Joe’s winning streak.

    Speaking of Cole…wow. *That* was Cole’s arcana? There were literally dozens of super powers in the science fiction grab bag to choose from and they went with wicker basket body armor? And his special power is that he can take all sorts of punishment? Really? It’s almost like the writers were secretly double agents who were trying to get people to hate this character. Cole’s thing was the “Skipping Stones” of MK arcanas.

  • Goldstar
    Bat Hero
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    Jax’s arcana is upgrading his weak metal replacement arms with…better metal replacement arms?? What would Jax’s arcana have been if Sub Zero hadn’t ripped Jax’s arms off?