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    Oh, Ruby-Spears, the 70’s an 80’s factory of just good enough animation. Oddly enough, both Joe Ruby and Ken Spears died last year, so thanks a lot there, 2020, you miserable bastard. Now we’ll never get a remake of this with David Tennant as the talking bird.

    Also, maybe it’s the mention of Linda Gary and Masters of the Universe, but this version of Beauty does kind of look like a She-ra character.

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    Youtube never shows you in subscriptions or recommendations any more. 🙁

    Oooh, Get Smart…. I should rewatch that.

    I’ll give credit to the animators on one thing; the fashion. I can tell it’s set in the Renaissance. They start off in historically accurate merchant class clothing & hair styles (though Beauty should have had jeweled nets in her hair if she’s going to wear it loose), & then after he loses the family business, they’re in historically accurate commoner clothing.

    You tell me this beast is now some hybrid abomination between a Brussles Griffon & a Wookie.

    20:13 The Vault-Keeper from Tales From The Crypt telling brunette He-Man to go home.

    I know of one more Beauty & the Beast animation, by Soyuzmiltfilm; Аленький цветочек  (The Scarlet Flower 1952). The story isn’t the bestest thing ever, but the animation quality is fantastic. If you can find the 1998 dubb, Tim Curry is in it.

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    Just a slight correction, Phelous; The Pac-Man SatAM cartoon was produced by Hanna-Barbera, not Ruby-Spears. R-S did produce Saturday Supercade for CBS which debuted a year after Pac-Man on ABC. Toby Fair, though, Joe Ruby and Ken Spears originally worked for H-B before they left to form their own studio, and both studios produced a lot of Saturday morning cartoons during the 1980s, so it’s easy to get the two of them confused.

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      Yeah, I got messed up with my info because of Pac-Man airing in a block with the Rubik, the Amazing Cube show by Ruby-Spears.

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      Oh yes, I remember the Saturday Supercade and all the related early arcade video game cartoons.

      Some were their own thing, and some were part of Supercade.

      I remember: Donkey Kong – Donkey Kong Jr. – Pole Position – Frogger – and Q bert

      Did I miss any? Were these all in Supercade, or were some in different blocks or their own thing?

      I remember Pac Man was it’s own show, I think Donkey Kong might also have been pre-supercade as well but ten pushed into it?


      A few years later came Captain N – we don’t talk about Captain N…