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The Scariest Story in the Universe

The following is The Scariest Story in the Universe! It’s a story not meant to be read but Old Man did it anyway and has doomed us all. First things first let me tell ya something brother, this is not one of those typical creepypasta stories where I buy a haunted game and am just […]

Forums are coming!

I feel like I should probably try to update in here a little more, heh. The forums for the site have been being worked on by Lorne for a while now and will be the next major update for the site. There were a few snags that have delayed them but it shouldn’t be too […]

Halloweenie Season 4

A bit of unfortunate news, Halloweenie Season 4 won’t be happening this October. I had a goal set for the 4th Season on Patreon and it hasn’t gotten met. There were a few different things I wanted to do for the next season of Halloweenie and I would want to have started planning for it […]

Mortal Komedy Blooper Reels

The Mortal Komedy Blooper Reels have been added to the site, most of these haven’t been online since the original Mortal Komedy site went down and the Holiday Special 4 one is actually new because I forgot to put it together back when. They weren’t added as new videos because I didn’t want a ton […]

Bye Blip

Most of you have probably heard by now that is shutting down on August 20. This has kind of been something looming over Blip for a while so it’s not too big of a shock. Blip was a great host for a long time though and it’s a little weird that it’ll be completely […]