Bye Blip

Most of you have probably heard by now that is shutting down on August 20.
This has kind of been something looming over Blip for a while so it’s not too big of a shock.
Blip was a great host for a long time though and it’s a little weird that it’ll be completely gone soon. It feels like the last remnant of the old TGWTG days going poof.
But hey, it’s all about moving forward and I’ve spent a lot of time getting my content moved over the last few months.
The embeds on this site will be updated very soon so it won’t affect anything over here really.
There may be a little down time for certain videos while I get them cleared over on Youtube but the majority of the videos are all ready up and will play fine.
Allison is still transitioning a lot of her content over to another host though.
Also you can follow both of us now on Youtube:


  • Spikeprime
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    It’s a little sad and strange to see Blip go down like that. I always liked heading over there to find videos, since they were often on that site a tad earlier than on TGWTG/CA/various individual sites. Hey-ho, these things happen and nothing lasts forever.

    I wonder, would you consider the video provider Linkara is currently using (I think it’s called Screenwave)? It’s a little unstable, but I don’t think it’s quite up to Youtube’s ridiculousness when it comes to copyright problems.

    • WinterDeathPeach
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      I hope Phelous doesn’t use Screenwave. While it’s been a while since I check but the last time I tried watching Linkara’s videos I couldn’t get one working right and with Blip gone I might not be able to watch any of Linkara’s new videos again, so I for one hope Phelous doesn’t go that way.

  • Lermont
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    Wasn’t the whole thing about being on Youtube is that they’re ultra nazis when it comes to copyright and kept deleting reviews? Because I don’t think that’s changed. Why not Dailymotion or Vimeo or something? Because chances are your account will get deleted the moment some horror producer becomes salty about the unflattering reviews you gave to his “movies” a la Brad’s Nailgun Massacre.

    • MrGreen
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      Youtube has gotten better with that kind of stuff more recently. It still can be a pain in the ass, though I find it’s more of a problem with video games and music rights more then anything.  I could be completely wrong, as that’s my perspective on things. That said, this is not surprising in the least, I would think everyone that makes content here does have a backup of some sort if something does happen on youtube. It’s just said there are fewer and fewer alternatives to youtube.

  • Edmond Dantes
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    I personally have been hosting videos on Zippcast, which is a thing created by ex-Youtube employees with the specific aim of being like Youtube before all the shittiness started.  It’s been known to have technical problems but I have never had an issue with it, copyright or otherwise.  So if you ever need a “backup” host, there’s that.

  • Troggyman
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    Unfortunatly, the best site for ad revenue is youtube. I think everyone would prefer a better host, but it pays less. Of course, I see the obvious problem in youtube being a massive monopoly at this point. This might be fading as more and more producers prefer payments through Patreon and other services. We’ll see.

    I just hope the original versions of the videos (with the music intact) remain somewhere (even if it isn’t on the internet at the moment) for archival purposes!

  • CyborgPrince
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    Well, an era has come to an end. Blip is no more. Fare thee well, Blip. You were good while you lasted, at least until you were bought out by Maker Studios and then started having issues with playing ads and getting producers their revenue.

    It still feels weird now that Blip is gone, and whenever you pop it up all you get is a sad face. :'(

    But alas, that’s how the world of business works. We must continue on and use what we can. A new era of video reviews has begun.

  • Spritle101
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    & now Youtube is back to having no serious competition, not that Blip really had the numbers in it’s favor. I suppose I’ve seen more people embed Vimeo & Dailymotion than Blip. Veoh was a good contender ages ago, but they were the first to do the mass copyright takedowns.