Mortal Komedy Blooper Reels

The Mortal Komedy Blooper Reels have been added to the site, most of these haven’t been online
since the original Mortal Komedy site went down and the Holiday Special 4 one is actually new because I forgot to put it together back when.
They weren’t added as new videos because I didn’t want a ton of old blooper reels bumping the actual new content.

Episode 1 Bloopers
Episode 2 Bloopers
Episode 3 Bloopers
Holiday Special 1 Bloopers
Episode 4 Bloopers
Time Travel Special Bloopers
Episode 5 Bloopers
Episode 6 Bloopers
Holiday Special 2 Bloopers
Episode 7 Bloopers
Holiday Special 3 Bloopers
Holiday Special 4 Bloopers