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Suburban Knights Part 3

Kevin Baugh has discovered Doug’s plan to retake Molossia and summons demons from the Netherrealm to aid him. But little does he know Doug has found a glove or something…

Slight Change To Navigation

So your computer won’t get bombarded by a bunch of embed videos trying to load while you navigate through the video sections it been changed to a preview pic.
So you click on picture or title to go to bring up the usual video’s page.

Great Big Jerk’s Rocket Robin Hood

Check out this awesome video going over the ridiculousness that was Rocket Robin Hood by good ol Jeremy! (Eli Roth, Chris Redfield, Kung Lao and Nightwolf)

Bug Jeremy to put this online again if you want to see it.

Old Videos are now on

Got pretty much all the old stuff on the site now! You can watch most of the newer videos in HD if you prefer which will be below the standard def version. (They have SD or HD above them). Let me know what you think of the new site and stuff and hope you’ll enjoy at least some of the junk I have on here.

Phelous DOT COM

All right! is a real website now. Big thanks to Jeremy McCurdy for creating the new site!
This desperately needed to happen at this point, I made the Komedy site back in 2006 and it didn’t make much sense to keep updating it with reviews so the site needed to change and get a much nicer layout and such. I’ll be getting the older videos added to the site in the next fews days and there might be a few more tweaks. But anyway welcome to PHELOUSDOTCOM.COM… err PHELOUS.COM


Hi, this is actually Jeremy, the website guy. The site is currently undergoing testing, and as such most of the posts are just filler. You can expect it to be removed or modified by Phelous, so don’t bother commenting on things just yet, post in the forums for the time being.