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Scott Shaw and Zen Filmmaking

That’s right, it’s not Zen O’Clock, and it’s never time to learn about Scott Shaw and his no script Zen filming.

There was a video here. It’s gone now. Thanks to zeny zen zen.

So Remember It: Bloody Marganars

Julien Magnet (who loves reviews) gets his best friends together to review one of his favorite french movies on a bed. Jon yelling ensues. Also Lupa, Phelous and a bathtubing Welshy are it in. With special surprise F MINUS!


Suburban Knights Part 7

The one where everyone dies and I say “This is gonna suck!” A little late to warn us now “Phelous Porteous”.

Suburban Knights Part 6

Doug awakens in bed revealing Kickassia was just a dream. Upon this realization he goes mad and vows to take over Molossia for real! But he’s gonna need a glove or something.

Suburban Knights Part 5

So wait, it wasn’t about a glove? It’s all about a book? I hope that book at least has pictures of gloves in it.

Suburban Knights Part 4

Armed with his glove or something Doug challenges Kevin Baugh to a duel at dawn while the rest of the TGWTG crew watches in horror.

Suburban Knights Part 3

Kevin Baugh has discovered Doug’s plan to retake Molossia and summons demons from the Netherrealm to aid him. But little does he know Doug has found a glove or something…