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New Section/Site Changes

Instead of Allison’s videos getting added down here in this section there is now actually an Obscurus Lupa section! Her backlog will be added over the next bit and of course you’ll find her new videos there as they go up.

To make room for this the Mortal Komedy section has been taken off. It’s not a current series right now and doesn’t really need the dedicated section but you can find all the Mortal Komedy episodes in the Other Videos section and any of Komedy’s extras are in the Extras section.

EDIT: And now the entire Obscurus Lupa backlog is up! YAY!

OLP: Max Hell Frog Warrior

How’d Max Hell get to Frogtown and what happened to Sam? I don’t really care. You’ll never know cause: Scott Shaw.

Scott Shaw and Zen Filmmaking

That’s right, it’s not Zen O’Clock, and it’s never time to learn about Scott Shaw and his no script Zen filming.

There was a video here. It’s gone now. Thanks to zeny zen zen.

So Remember It: Bloody Marganars

Julien Magnet (who loves reviews) gets his best friends together to review one of his favorite french movies on a bed. Jon yelling ensues. Also Lupa, Phelous and a bathtubing Welshy are it in. With special surprise F MINUS!


Suburban Knights Part 7

The one where everyone dies and I say “This is gonna suck!” A little late to warn us now “Phelous Porteous”.

Suburban Knights Part 6

Doug awakens in bed revealing Kickassia was just a dream. Upon this realization he goes mad and vows to take over Molossia for real! But he’s gonna need a glove or something.

Suburban Knights Part 5

So wait, it wasn’t about a glove? It’s all about a book? I hope that book at least has pictures of gloves in it.

Suburban Knights Part 4

Armed with his glove or something Doug challenges Kevin Baugh to a duel at dawn while the rest of the TGWTG crew watches in horror.