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A Parting of Ways

I am very PLEASED to announce that Andrew Dickman, Allison Pregler and myself, Mr. Porthole, have parted ways with “Channel Also”. Well announce it to anyone who managed to not hear about it yet at this point. If you want to read more about why Allison and I left Channel Awesome here are our posts […]

MAGFest 13

Allison and I will be at MAGFest 13. There’s no planned panels or anything just we’ll be around attempting to have fun and that sort of nonsense. So come up and say hi, if you feel so inclined.

We’ll be at ConBravo!

Allison and I will both be guests at ConBravo 2015! Really looking forward to finally seeing this con as it’s looked like it’d be a blast. This will also be the 1st con I’ve actually gone to in Canada.

Space Ninja

Do you like cartoons? Ninjas? Action? Well then you should check out Space Ninja by Neon Harbor!

The Phelous Store!

It’s the Phelous Store! Did you know you can get Phelous mugs, shirts, pins, hats and more? Be the envy of envy of every. When you look in the mirror, you will envy yourself. If you were the last person left on Earth, you would fight through hoards of zombie-vampire-robo-ninjas, not for food or shelter […]

Website Update!

What’s this? A new website?!? What does this mean?

It means the new is now online!