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We’ll be at ConBravo!

Allison and I will both be guests at ConBravo 2015! Really looking forward to finally seeing this con as it’s looked like it’d be a blast. This will also be the 1st con I’ve actually gone to in Canada.

Space Ninja

Do you like cartoons? Ninjas? Action? Well then you should check out Space Ninja by Neon Harbor!

The Phelous Store!

It’s the Phelous Store! Did you know you can get Phelous mugs, shirts, pins, hats and more? Be the envy of envy of every. When you look in the mirror, you will envy yourself. If you were the last person left on Earth, you would fight through hoards of zombie-vampire-robo-ninjas, not for food or shelter […]

Website Update!

What’s this? A new website?!? What does this mean?

It means the new is now online!

New Section/Site Changes

Instead of Allison’s videos getting added down here in this section there is now actually an Obscurus Lupa section! Her backlog will be added over the next bit and of course you’ll find her new videos there as they go up.

To make room for this the Mortal Komedy section has been taken off. It’s not a current series right now and doesn’t really need the dedicated section but you can find all the Mortal Komedy episodes in the Other Videos section and any of Komedy’s extras are in the Extras section.

EDIT: And now the entire Obscurus Lupa backlog is up! YAY!

OLP: Max Hell Frog Warrior

How’d Max Hell get to Frogtown and what happened to Sam? I don’t really care. You’ll never know cause: Scott Shaw.