• Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
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    You can really see even this show’s already low bar for story and production dipping with Baywatch Nights in full swing.

    The more over the top action beach cop stuff that was making the show so bad it’s good is spread out too thin, and it kind of reverts to a so bland it’s bad beach soap opera. Even with that, they insist on keep Mitch front and center when they could have used the opportunity to push the one passable actor on the show, Alexandra Paul, as the new lead while still having Mr. Von Malibu show up to Mitch around and act smug for a while in frequent appearances.

    Also, I can’t decide if Alison’s Nicole Eggert or Gina Nolan voice is better: both are gold.

  • rando
    Bat Hero
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    Why did the surfer friend look like Mitch a little? haha