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    Just might make the CUT
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    Something that’s not clear in this review, why does a forest fire result in evacuating the beach? A body of water bordered by the absence of vegetation or other flammable materials seems like a reasonable place to avoid a forest fire. Maybe water is being transported from the beach and scooping up a diamond  smuggler or a Waverunner Tee Em to dump on the fire wouldn’t have helped matters. However, I strongly suspect it was just an excuse for the lifeguards to do something other than catch diamond  smugglers or save people from drowning. On the other hand, I wouldn’t be surprised if the litterer was involved in diamond  smuggling and the resulting fire was an intentional diversionary tactic.

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      Jon Protagonist
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      On Baywatch, the answer you’re looking for 6/10 times is bad writing…the other 4/10 times it to save a few bucks.

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    Hi Lupa, longtime fan and pateron supporter for you and I couldn’t see any other way to contact you than by commenting on your video; I don’t usually watch Baywatching, preferring Movie Nights (and your older OLP vids) but I felt I had to say in light of all the videos and stories coming out about your experiences posted in the producer’s recent document of past events at Channel Awesome, I salute you and hope all the best for you and Phelous. It was really stupid and crummy all the accounts I read and heard. I admired that site for years. But people like you, Phelous, Linkara, and Lindsay to me are some of the ones who have gone on to evolve. My friend says he prefers Phelous to Doug any day of the week. I remember the day I went on the site to look for your newest video and couldn’t find you or Phelous in the drop down and was so upset. Seriously, I thought “how could they let go two of their funniest people??” I’m glad you guys are doing fine after that grand exodus!