• happymel2
    The Fuct of Pepsiman
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    When you slowed down that montage with Mitch, it was super creepy. LOL. Nightmare fuel, much? 

  • TimTE01
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    You would think that Mila Kunis would avoid the water after those Piranhas showed up last time.


    Wait- that’s Alexandra Paul playing her Mother here…and this played on TV a mere 8 days before this Episode aired.

    What in the what?!?


  • Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
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    While I’m sure Alexendra Paul’s sister is a great person and has probably risked her life fighting fires at some point…

    Yasmin Bleeth is super pretty and fanservicey to have on a show that just dropped their 20-something lead swimsuit filler/actress Nicole Eggert…so there’s that if you’re going to be cynical and not respect her uhmm…theater…skills?

    Also, Gayle (Wendy Malik) had to move on to Dream On. Just Shoot Me, Hot in Cleveland, Frasier, Disney voice-overs, and a ton of other memorable stuff…so it was a wise career move to put campy lifeguard beach show behind her apparently.

  • the_desert
    Bat Hero
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    I feel sorry for the poor A&W soda machine with the poster shamefully draped over it’s logo because Pepsi is back in town. I don’t care about the relationships of any people.