Other Video productions by Phelan that are either a stand alone or aren’t a constant enough series to have their own show page.

The Real Click

What happens when we randomly decide to make a video because someone wants to watch a more realistic movie like Click instead of Street Fighter.

DragonBall CG Ep 2

Dr. Gero Returns in the second episode of DragonBall CG to try and get revenge again on Goku and Vegeta. More trouble apears as present Cell emerges as well. Meanwhile still trying to form a new Ginyu force Jeice and Burter run into 17 and 18.


DragonBall CG Ep 1

Goku and Vegeta try to play Super Nintendo but are interrupted by some things like Trunks playing game boy behind their backs and a visit from Tien. However they have even worse problems when Burter and Jeice are brought back to life thanks to DragonBall GT stupidity.