• Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
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    Oh man…canonically in the show he’s 17, in real life at the time the actor was 25, and aesthetically he appears to be about 32.

    Not saying anything else about his appearance or the actor, but casting couldn’t see how the dude looks nearly twice the age they want him to play? Very Teenagers from Outer Space – if you know your MST3K.

    Also a question for Alison: As someone that has subjected themselves to watching and writing a synopsis of all these episodes from season one on -Is Hobie even in a majority of episodes? is Hobie actually even in every season? He seems like such a sporadically included character for the only child and recurring relative of the show’s main character.


    Thanks again for another Baywatch vid, always hysterical!

    • Obscurus Lupa
      Obscurus Lupa
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      Thanks! I counted all the eps Hobie 1-2 were in that weren’t credit only and it was 115 (plus Hawaiian Wedding), less than half of 242 episodes of the main show. He was in every season but the last, and only 1 episode of the previous season (he walked off the show). I imagine he was used sparingly because you have a limited time with children on set, but they made less of an effort as he got older. On top of that, Jeremy Jackson was dealing with heavy substance abuse and getting tired of the show by this point.

      • Jon Protagonist
        Jon Protagonist
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        Thanks for the reply and  for being a font of endless pop-culture trivia!

        Oh wow, never knew the actor had issues with substance abuse or that he walked off the show. Hope he was able to get some help and get his life back on track in the years since then.

        Just from watching your reviews, it seems after the first few seasons they didn’t know what to do with him. By the time this episode rolls around it seems really surprising like I’d forgotten he was still in the show. Maybe it’s just that having these interspersed with Nights makes the time in-between sporadic appearances seem even greater.


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    0/10. Needs more guitar playing hobo

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    10/10 for the Mean Street Posse theme.