• Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
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    Okay, let me Gen-X-plain to you what the deal is with this uhm…uh..spoof?

    First think:  Pleasantville, The Parents on Cow And Chicken, The Brady Movie, That 70s Show, Addam’s Family and all the cinematic reboots of old TV shows, or the creepy flashbacks in Natural Born Killers with Rodney Dangerfield.

    Yeah, the 90s were all about being so cool and not campy that you would spoof old shows that we all grew up with in syndication that seemed very dated against our totally X-TREME and DARK 90’s cool kid vibes …still with me?

    Okay, so what happens when the the vehicle you’re using to spoof  (Baywatch) is more campy, gratuitous,  and stupid than even the campy 70s supermodel P.I. show you’re spoofing?

    You get this mess.

    While the season 2 Gilligan’s Island spoof is how to do this correctly, Baywatch Angels is the same idea but lazy and failed.

  • rando
    I'm THE BEST!
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    This actually makes me curious about what other Baywatch crossovers would be like: Star Trek meets Baywatch, Bewitched meets Baywatch, etc.