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    Of course if she gets wet she’ll be completely useless. And I guess that phrasing probably wasn’t accidental, although I like to think that Phelous has gotten into such a habit of saying that that it just kind of slipped out.

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    On a serious note:  Do we know a lot about what was going on behind the scenes of this series?  Because it sounds as if the actresses completely overthrew the other producers, the directors, and the writers so that it became a vanity project of theirs.  Sort of like what happened with Andromeda with Kevin Sorbo taking over and firing the head writer.  All of a sudden his character went from a Human being who was trying to restore the civilization that fell 300 years earlier to a divine being that was destined to save the universe.

    On an unserious note:  Another Sub-Zero heart so cold reference.  Seriously?  There are so many other terrible lines from those Immortals songs.  Try to work some other ones in.  “Mortal Kombat’s here to stay!   Johnny Cage is not afraid to die!”  Oh I’m sorry I messed that up.  It is:  “Prepare yourself!  Prepare yourself!  Mortal Kombat’s here to stay!  Woah!  Johnny Cage is not afraid to die!”  I forgot the ‘Woah’ the first time.  So much cheesy lyrics in those.  My favorite ones are Kano’s and Liu Kang’s.  Kano’s song is sung by a woman who has a massive crush on him.

    You are wanted and you’re hunted
    You’re the bad guy but I feel for you
    You’re a danger, a fallen angel
    But I like you
    You’re the strongest of them all

    While Liu Kang’s song makes me laugh every time I hear ‘Born in China’ or ‘The youngest but also the fastest warrior in the tournament.’

    Just mix it up a bit.  All those songs are terrible and wonderful.  Like Raiden’s making him sound like a coward because he is immortal so he can’t really die in the tournament.  The awkward girl power of Sonya Blade’s song.  The thorough description of Goro.  The 3 lines of Scorpion’s song repeated over and over again.  Good stuff in all of them.  “Freezing vibrations.”  Yes.  “Chinese Ninja Warrior.”  Indeed.

    All those are goofy but fun in how corny they are.  As opposed to actual good themes for the Mortal Kombat characters, like Statronika’s themes for the various characters from MK X.  Like Scorpion’s Ninjutsu.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRZgvcAKu1M

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    I thought it was really funny. Before you were dating I thought you two had a lot in common & to this day & still think you play well off eachother in crossovers.

    As a joke, it would be funny if Allison reviewed Alyssa Milano’s wardrobe over the past few years from Project Runway Allstars as if she was Phoebe hosting the show.