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    Another wasted story opportunity on Defenders of the Realm, I see.  We’ve had our third story about Kitana being betrayed like the Ned Stark of the MK universe, another chance to build a story around Sonya’s relationship with someone skates by without even trying and another one off character appearance with Ermac.

    The only bigger waste of money then this series was Netherrealm paying Ronda Rousey to give the blandest voice performance ever.

  • likalaruku
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    Last episode’t art was so bottom-dollar off-model & now it’s decent again. What is this????

    Why do I think of Captain Planet every time Nightwolf touches the keyboard?

    They’d better start checking the bathroom for hidden cameras.

    I feel like this show focuses on Sonia & Jaxx disproportionately compared to the others.

  • Dragoy
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    We had Finland /and/ Siro in one episode.  That’s all sorts of finn!  I mean fine.  Or win.  Why not both!?

    Also need to rewatch the Konquest videos…

    Wait a minute.  2012… watching… you don’t actually age, do you?  Hm.  I always knew that.  Don’t tell anyone.