• smorgasbord
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    The fact that you could review this 2-parter and it was STILL mostly about filler makes me glad that I didn’t have to sit through the actual episodes, haha! I am also kind of rejoicing that they gave eyebrows such an undignified send off (although boooo to the old lying-wimmin-stereotype).

    Can’t wait for Baywatch Nights! I needs me more Garner

  • Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
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    Not much to say about this one, seems like the writing and plots are on full auto-pilot.

    I remember riffing some episodes of Baywatch Nights with MST3K buddies a few years back…I look forward to your take on it, it’s just pure stupid, and frequently crosses over into so bad it’s good territory.

  • happymel2
    The Fuct of Pepsiman
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    I didn’t expect that creepy opening. LOL

  • NewbieDotCom.Com
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    So I could be wrong but it seems like Mitch the private investigator who drives a fancy red sports car that does not belong to him is a clear reference to Magnum PI. Where Magnum did not own the fancy red sports car he drove around (assuming Magnum was not secretly the millionaire whose estate he lived on and car he drove etc.).

  • lunabuna
    Bat Hero
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    “Ten years of my life later…” OMG you slayed me with that line. XD XD

    You’re a trooper for sitting through this crap. I would’ve changed the channel 10 minutes into the episode, so we appreciate your tenacity this time around.

  • Lermont
    Bat Hero
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    I think what happened with Cody is that someone tried the “who cares about charisma and talent when the body is right” approach of casting with a male character. According to the plan, women should have been too busy drooling over his abs to notice how unappealing of a character he is. And while this would have worked with a female character and a male audience, it failed with Cody as I very much doubt that women watched Baywatch for the Tits&Ass or Abs&Ass in this case.