• emperorcupcake22
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    OMG that was glorious.

  • snorgatch
    Comments: 146

    Pink Lady and Jeff looks hilariously awful and borderline racist. Who the hell thought casting a lame comedian and a pair of Japanese women who don’t speak English to host a variety show was a good idea? By 1980 variety shows were dying out anyway. Looks like this was a last ditch attempt to try to save them with a stupid, gimmicky premise. No wonder it only lasted five episodes.

    • TimTE01
      A Real Turtles Fighter
      Comments: 38

      Bizarre and random- certainly.

      That said, I’d watch ‘Jeff and the Jumping Bomb Angels.’  TV Gold!

    • Silverstar
      Comments: 145

      In NBC’s defense, they only added Jeff Altman to the show after it became apparent that Pink Lady couldn’t speak enough English to carry a variety show on their own, even though that should’ve been obvious from the get-go.

  • MelanieAddams
    Old Man
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    So, according to Hoff, Mitch canonically never got any, after all?


  • happymel2
    The Fuct of Pepsiman
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    Parody done right?

  • Lermont
    Bat Hero
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    Say whatever you want, but a show about lifeguards was a great idea for it’s time. Where else could you combine action with partial nudity as smooth as this but the beach? The only idea possibly better is if the show was about treasure hunting in the Caribbean, that way you can have a little more plausibility when dealing with violent crime and an excuse to have different bikini girls each episode. But I’m pretty sure they made that show as well.