Phelan Porteous is a twit who likes to make videos under the super secret name Phelous. He enjoys a lot of aspects to video production which has lead to him creating tons of different videos over the years. You'll often find him talking about silly movies, toys and games.


Mortal Komedy Episode 6

Rayden informs Sub-Zero he forgot a something in Outworld and when he goes back Smoke tries to reconcile his differences with Scorpion, however, it has an unforseen consequence as Scorpion gets “glitched”.Sub-Zero forms a DragonBall Z type move to take out a new foe!


Mortal Komedy Episode 5

Jax and Sub-Zero meet up with this “Noob” Challenger only to be confused. We finally find out what kept Rayden from showing up to help at the opening match in the Tournament. Liu Kang’s first match in the tournament takes place and much more…