• TheFreeman
    Old Man
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    Resident Evil movies have gone down hill since the first movie, but now a Resident
    Evil movie finally tries to be more like an actual game, but they
    picked RE5 to represent the story (apparently). The most non Resident
    Evil game of the Series, and they still screwed up that games storyline. This one even has Chris in it! How will they make him usless in this movie? Only time will tell!


  • kalinka64
    Old Man
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    oh my goodness… I just noticed a reference to Kikoskia in the credits… that guy’s my favorite Let’s Player! XD

  • BlueCurse60
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    At the point when this movie actually came out I liked the movies, but yeah then it began to dawn on me that mindless action a good movie does not make-  especially Mary Sue cop-outs. I mean, the first movie was enjoyable and the second had Nemesis, but then this happened. The crows couldn’t make up for it like Nemesis did for the second one. Then the 4th one came out…oy! Why was there almost a shower scene in that one!?! Enough already with the shower scenes, they don’t make sense after the first scene of the movie’s context!

  • Plasticlion
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    Who is the pervert at Umbrella that is shaving the Alice clones? They have hair on their heads but nowhere else. So does Umbrella occasionally give them a Brazillian wax? Or does the T-Virus do that? Umbrella Pharmacutials presents the T-Virus, the perfect answer to your bikini line problems! Consult your doctor before using T-Virus. Side effects include a 99.999% chance of zombification and a .001% chance of super powers.

  • cRaZyJ21
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    Well… the  mask I have on right now may help prevent T-virus infection…

    But maybe not the infection of stupidfhalskdjfhkajhgerkjbhfakcjhbalwkerblkj…