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    I’d never heard of the Thomas Riker solution to Tuvix, and at first glance it sounds reasonable, until you realize you still have to kill the copy. Oh yeah…same problem ultimately.

    Honestly I liked the Tuvix episode of Voyager because it’s one of the few times they tried to tackle a real sci-fi anthology dilemma instead of playing warp-core detonation chicken with the new alien monster of the week. But yes, I agree it was handled a bit clunky.

    Of course the only real solution would be to figure out a way to do the Thomas Riker trick, but at the moment of copy, do the separating back into Tuvok and Neelix on one side of the transporter glitch – which they don’t really know how to do, but could tech-tech Scottie or  LaForge figuring it out somehow and leaving the notes in some Federation engineering theory volume stored in Voyager’s digital library written so that even a third rate engineer  like Bel’anna Torres could figure it out.




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    The comment below me is smart.