• likalaruku
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    Let me be the first life-long Star Trek fan to tell you that 40% of every single Star Trek series were bad episodes.

    “Darmok” is my favorite Picard episode. Is it bad that I preferred “Chain of Command part 1” because Gul Lamac was smoking hot?

    Why do they always pair Picard up with women 10+ years younger than him?

    Speaking of enjoying things that aren’t very good, have you ever watched “Clutch Cargo,” “Return of the Dinosaurs,” “Diatron 5,” or “Trash Humpers?”

    The editing was hilarious. Please do more Star Trek.

  • rando
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    I don’t know very much about Star Trek but maybe they wanted it to be atmospheric? This makes me want to really get into Star Trek though.

    • Jon Protagonist
      Jon Protagonist
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      I’d say check it out.

      Star Trek has a reputation in recent years of being an action-packed military drama in space, but that’s mostly due to the recent films and series which are quite different from classic Trek series.

      Star Trek especially, and Star Trek: The Next Generation were space military dramas, but less focused on action and more focused on exploring sci-fi concepts with a familiar set of characters. Like the Twilight Zone, there are brilliant episodes, and some that are forgettable.


  • Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
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    I’m in the third camp here:

    I did enjoy Inner Light, but I wouldn’t rank it as one of my favorite episodes.

    I think what might have ruined this for you, Lupa, is that you probably knew something about the plot going in. Seeing this air first run on TV was a different experience in the days before internet spoilers and synopsis videos.

    Some of your points were I found valid, but a few I disagree with.

    For example, I think it wasn’t nearly as jarring as Borg assimilation because it was a peaceful, fulfilling life. He had a family and community. He adjusted to a less stressful life. He seemed to keep some semblance of his memory and personality. In the end it’s almost like he got to cheat… if you woke up and realized the last thirty years were a do-over, wouldn’t it be a blessing too? Almost like a second chance.

    As far as boring? Your mileage may vary. This may again go back to the seeing it first run back in the 90s and not knowing where it would all end. I bet re-watching it now I’d find it too slow to my liking, like the Twilight Zone could have done it just as well in a half hour.

    I do agree 100%  this was both the least efficient use of high technology when your world is ending (at least Krypton sent out an actual person!) as well as the least efficient method of memorializing a culture ever.

    Either way, I enjoyed the video and your takes.


  • Curious Badger
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    This sounds a lot like the episode Puhoy from Adventure Time where Finn, with the help of a pillow fort, lives a second life in Pillow Word but that was at least 11 mins and better.

    Also, the only food there is pillows and he has kids with a pillow person, try not to think about it.

    It’s a real trip, so if you haven’t seen I recommend it.