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    Tiger Electronics always seems to be about four or five years behind when it comes to their tech. I know portable DVD players weren’t as common in 2003 as they would be, but still… Hell, the PSP came out only a little over a year after this thing and offered way better video quality with UMDs.

    I wonder how much the discs for these things went for at the time. I can’t imagine anyone paying much for a half hour disc with such terrible video quality.

  • Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
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    Never knew this thing existed, or at least I don’t remember seeing it advertised.


    How much did the Video Now players cost? That’s kind of an important factor too. If it cost significantly less than a GBA it might not have been a terrible idea.

    However, I think this would have done better if they just made one unit type from the start and worked out a deal with the major entertainment licences to pick up part of the distribution cost. It just seems a bit piece-meal and too-little too-late with different versions and such limitations.

    Smart phones were still a few years off in 03-04′. They could have made it work but I suspect…you know…Tiger Electronics.