• Spike
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    Yes! Haha, I’m so very glad to see Baywatching whenever it turns up 😀

    Also “Mentos: The Frenchmaker” made me laugh way harder than it probably should have, hahaha.

  • happymel2
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    I can’t believe that Eyebrows was almost drowned(?) by a dog. The heck?! LOL. What do I even say to that?

  • Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
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    Yay! Baywatching!

    I don’t think you played that clip of eyebrows falling off the boat enough times. I’m so glad FBI Special Agent Morgan whatever her-name-is learned that in the end, what really matters is that we praise Mitch excessively.

    The lack of Caroline, the big deal of Stephanie leaving,  the continuity issue with Stephanie dating Riley or Mitch, and the re-use of an actress from a prior episode as a new character makes me think this might have been an older episode that was shelved and then dug up to be used later. Just guessing here, but Alexandra Paul probably had some family or contractual obligation she new was coming up or got shifted around. – That would be my guess.

  • Otaku World Order
    Otaku World Order
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    I come from a very Dutch family and I’ve never heard of that “become someone’s unpaid servant because they saved your life” philosophy before.

    Also, I’m pretty sure the Dutch lady is speaking German. Fortunately, this show never aired anywhere they would notice that, right?

  • snorgatch
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    Way to showcase female empowerment by having a hot blonde FBI agent let a lifeguard take over her investigation and then praise him for it and admit how wrong she was to question his involvement. Truly, she learned an important lesson today–a man can do anything a woman can do, only better.

    As for the subplot with Eyebrows and the little Dutch girl, it’s too stupid to waste words on.

  • Troggyman
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    Ah, the 90s. When the U.S. mistook europeans for aliens from another galaxy.

  • the_desert
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    “Women doing this that men are supposed to do! That’s sexist!” – Mitch Buchannon

    CJ speaking Japanese reminds me of that part in Arrival when Amy Adams tries to speak Mandarin. My Mandarin speaking friend turned to me and said “I have no idea what she said, her accent is so bad.”

    Hmmm… I wonder if that lifeguard who almost drown is actually an undercover cop?

    “Sexy Kenny Login vibes!”

    “Men are more liberated!” “I’m a fan of windex blue.” Mitch is so smart. Especially planting that bug on a shelf just below eye level. Genius. Pure, unbridled genius.

    Does anyone else think that when Eyebrows falls into the water he screams just like the guy in Troll 2?

  • Lermont
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    I don’t know if this episode had an extraordinary amount of sexism in it or not, but you didn’t showcase any. Mitch assuming all FBI agents are guys in glasses with bad hair is a profession stereotype, and Ms FBI assuming all lifeguards are flaky airheads is also a profession stereotype or as we later see prejudice based on personal experience. So all of those jokes about sexism just seemed out of nowhere and out of place. Same thing with the Dutch girl: it was a “those wacky foreigners” plot and had nothing to do with her being a girl. Again, this is the impression I got from what you shoved us.

    • Obscurus Lupa
      Obscurus Lupa
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      I pointed out that Mitch did the same thing to her as she was doing to him, but the jokes about Mitch fighting sexism were just supposed to be funny. Trust me, Baywatch doesn’t get horrifically sexist until a certain episode in the Hawaii seasons. 😉

  • TimTE01
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    To possibly explain the Alexandra Paul thing, she was in the 1995 Remake of ‘Piranha’ (with Mila Kunis from earlier).  It is possible she went to do that.