• Knightroglycerin
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    For fuck’s sake people, tropical storms are no big deal!

    • Trixie_is_best
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      Tropic storms are always a big deal, as they are storms and tropical, a very big deal.  Just ask Eddie, he cant handle any tropical storm or normal storm or even a light shower.

  • pops
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    So I really love the manic episodes stuff, and Baywatching has been great (Charmed was also great, kinda miss that one), but there seem to be two distinct formats for it. There’s one format where she summarizes the plot and makes some jokes (basically an abridged version of the episode, around 12-13 min long) and also sometimes gives a little history behind the show, and another format where it’s pretty much just the jokes (around 7 min long).

    There doesn’t seem to be a sliding scale between these two formats, you can tell without fail which format it’s going going to be just by looking at the length of the video. And the thing is, I really like the longer format so much better. So much. The short ones are sometimes kinda hard to follow, I don’t feel like I’m even getting all the jokes sometimes (What was up with the chef at the end of the last episode? That was confusing.), while the long ones kinda feel like I’m watching the non-crappy version of Baywatch. Which is great – it was a super popular show in its day, and this way I can learn all about it and enjoy it without forcing myself through the awful regular version. Similar to Dragon Ball Z Abridged (if you’ve seen that).

    I realize that it must be more work to do the longer ones, and it’s awfully easy for me to just say, “Lupa should do more work.” but there you are. The extra effort is appreciated at least. As a compromise, if the longer episodes just aren’t an option, what if she did the short episodes and then also a summary at the end of each season, similar to what she did with Charmed? At least that way I’d still get a sense of what’s going on.

    • pops
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      That Dragon Ball Z comparison was poorly considered, it’s really not that similar… They do none of the background information regarding the production of the show, which has been my favorite part of Baywatching. Ah well.

    • Obscurus Lupa
      Obscurus Lupa
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      I apologize if I don’t make it clear what’s happening sometimes. Generally, I tend to find brevity is better in the case of Baywatching, with more jokes in a smaller amount of time, but sometimes I can forget that other people haven’t seen the episode (or I find the bit funnier out of context). My only rule is that the video is as long as it needs to be, so if an episode is particularly uninspired, I don’t spend as much time on it. Half of Big Monday was about a little deaf child, and I didn’t find much joke inspiration in it, especially considering it was respectfully done and featured an actual disabled actress. And I did include some trivia about her! Unfortunately, I just didn’t have as much to work with. Every ep can’t be a history of Baywatch, I’ve got over 200 to work with.

      The longer videos are either particularly hilarious episodes or two-parters that I reviewed together in one ep. No separate formats here, I just include whatever happens to be relevant at the time. Sometimes episodes just don’t have cool trivia or as much plot to talk about.

      • pops
        Old Man
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        Ah, well okay. Obviously there isn’t going to be interesting trivia every episode, and given the source material I’m already impressed with how entertaining you’ve managed to make this. I wouldn’t want it to sound like I was complaining, just trying to state a preference.

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    I honestly thought the hunk was carrying a slab of most likely very spoiled meat in that title card. How awkward to find out what it really was.

  • happymel2
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    Another great video, Lupa! 😀