• IlluminatusX
    Old Man
    Comments: 1

    It seems like they are finally get somewhere(gradually at least) story wise. For a minute it seems like it was gunna descend into a Charmed like hell of non-story.

  • Troggyman
    Bat Hero
    Comments: 90

    Supernatural sounds like a goldmine for manic episodes.

    I heard good things about it some years ago, and gave it my usual “I will watch it when it’s done” response. Now I am not so sure about watching it. I do thank my automated skepticism though.

  • Plasticlion
    Comments: 68

    You shouldn’t be making fun of internet ghosts, especially after you just killed an internet character.  #lupasrevenge

  • emperorcupcake22
    Comments: 9

    I think the stupid writing was at least somewhat intentional; poking fun at the Unfriended/”internet ghost” thing and the genx vs. millenials thing. It was a pretty funny parody I thought, if it was self-aware. And this whole season so far has seemed pretty self-aware where season 9… um, didn’t.

    (Sorry for the lame late comment but I’m finishing up season 10 before season 11, oh boy! And this is totally my cats’ favorite show. :D)