• WinterDeathPeach
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    You know something been bothering me ever since this whole Bee Women arc, why would anyone willing side with them? They want to conquer other realms by replacing people with their own people and to make babies the father dies during sex, again why? Sure they say if the man is strong enough they won’t die but how do we know they’re telling truth, and if they are telling the truth what do the men get out of it? “Alright Reptile fuck me and we’ll overthrow Shao Kahn and than in 2 or 3 hundred year your people will be gone, good deal right?”

    For some reason the Bee Women reminds me of the duo of Stargate SG1 episodes 2010 and 20001 which featured aliens who wanted to slowly wipe out another race(in 2010’s case earthlings) to take over their planet. However in SG1’s case they went about it in a much better way, the aliens pretended to allies by offering people longer lives and better techongly but the longer lives was part of their plan because now no women who have longer lives can give birth or carry babies in general, so slowly but surely the entire race of a planet will die out with no way of stopping the aliens. There Conquest that’s how you do peaceful invaders.

    Also what the hell is Reiko to Shao Kahn is he his second in command or the leader of Kahn’s armies or just the leader of his human army?

    • Cleapatra25
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      I think had this show went about it the Correct way it would have been more plausible to see and understand why people would side with her. Especially if a realm was truly desperate or dying.  That would side with her and not realize the horrors of this alliance until it was too late. It almost would make for a great horror movie if written correctly. But of course Konquest was written in less then 2 hours so we didn’t get a good telling of this story.  I also agree with you in the fact that Reptile should not have accepted her offer since he “knew” so much about her. But once again…script was written in less then 2 hours.

  • Trixie_is_best
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    I dont know why it took me long to realize this, but MKC is alot like Hercules the Legendary Journey and Xena the Warrior Princess. Yet, unlike those shows, I notice Conquest lacks continuity, actual humor or a flowing story. Yet, I can still see why this is a fun watch and mainly cause of Siro.

    SIRO: THE GREATEST MORTAL KOMBAT CHARACTER EVER. Is there nothing he cant do. From what I can tell, he just does everything better than everyone else period. SIRO: THE GREATEST CHARACTER TO EXIST EVER.

  • eavan
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    On today’s episode of Conquest: Shao Kahn should never have left the throne room, the poor thing isn’t ready for the pressure of the outside world. And Kung Lao’s blatant disregard for life continues. “All these people being tortured and killed is fine so long as it’s not us!”

    There is a point to everything in this, Phelous. It shows that Siro was intentionally unlikable the entire time because he’s officially part of the evil trio of sword wielders in this episode, along with Shao Kahn and Vorpax. “Motaro’s people” – maybe there’s a lost episode where we meet him, played by two guys in half a horse-dragon costume, deleted because it wasn’t silly enough for Conquest. As for the guard scene, I suppose it exists to show that people are loyal to Kitana and so Shao Kahn technically does have more traitors, but the people loyal to her never do anything, so…

    My favourite part of this episode was when Shao Kahn was asking the exasperated-looking priest questions about the sword and when he told him “You can’t hear the other guy because he hasn’t made out with the sword.” Shao Kahn was just like “Oh.” To a younger me, this was hilarious for some reason, though not the comedy gold of the teenage temper tantrum scene at the end.

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    Dear, The Phelous.

    I feel someone has got to take you to task for cracking wise about the fine work done by the people behind Mortal Kombat Conquest. For example, DID YOU KNOW that a dedicated team of no less than two writers worked feverishly on this script for nearly AN ENTIRE HOUR before knocking off to go get drinks? Bet you didn’t consider all of their selfless efforts, did you? Additionally, the show’s cast of excellent professionals toiled away on set for almost SIX HOURS a day over about two days to film the episode, knocking off to go get drinks at the end of each shoot. That’s dedication. And all that’s not to mention the digital effects team of one part time intern who put MINUTES of his life into creating the rich and spectacular visuals of the episode before he finally had to knock off and get drinks in order to keep his sanity….

    So, you see, a team of hardworking alcoholic craftsmen had to collaborate to produce this show. Just because it’s stupid and makes no sense doesn’t mean that you have a right to say it’s stupid and makes no sense. You’re being insensitive!

    Good day to you, SIR!

    –BarryTheMasterOfSandwich: Phelouscom’s GREATEST Mortal Kombat Conquest Defender!

  • Ultratech94
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    oh man, it’s almost over. hopefully once Conquest is over, you can review DOTR in episodic order. but then again, I’m kind of wondering what you plan to review if there is no more Mortal Kombat tv shows and/or movies to review. maybe Legacy Seasons 1-3, but that’s to be debated. at this point, I actually wouldn’t mind if they made a Mortal Kombat anime since it has potential.

    I maybe on the minority on this, but I would love to see a live action series that gets a close to the original games as possible. just imagine how awesome it would look if they did a live action version of Mortal Kombat 1-3 that actually felt like the games themselves. or, another good idea I’ve been thinking about is a live action series based on the Lin Quei. you could explore Sub-Zero & Smoke’s story from the Cyber Initiative, and you could also explore Bi Han’s story on how he became Noob Saibot.

    • Codythesickdog
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      I hope so, I enjoy whenever Phelous talks about Mortal Kombat, so I would enjoy if he continued on a different series once MKC is over.

      • Ultratech94
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        I completely agree. I can’t wait for him to review DOTR, especially Episode 3 which is the episode I tend to make fun of the most. I even explained it to Film Brain at Magfest about that particular episode and even he laughed at it. it was actually pretty cool meeting both Film Brain & Linkara at Magfest. I posted a few videos from that series and it’s down right hilarious. I see it as a guilty pleasure for being so entertainingly bad, with a few exceptions of some actual good episodes (specifically Episode 5). I would have a blast reviewing that series, but then again, I don’t mind seeing Phelous review it instead.

  • Arctic Fox4
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    Actually, taking into account lack of competence presented by every character in this show I am completly capable of believing that both sides of Bee Woman – Shao Kahn War are somehow losing.

    (… and I LOVE U too phelous.com )

  • DemonioBlanco
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    This is perfect

    that way, Siro can have multiple stances on Mortal Kombat X
    fist, his faithfull sword and his Siro Kicks.

  • Knightroglycerin
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    No! It can’t almost be over! I need more crumplepaper!Siro in my life!

  • thisseatofmars
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    Hey Phelous– I’d love if you’d review some more episodes of “The Real Ghostbusters.” Please!

  • Sly Krapa
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    Does anyone else feel this show would have been a lot better if it had been about leading up to Kung Lao winning Mortal Kombat instead of winning Mortal Kombat at the beginning? It feels like the show covers the most important thing about Kung Lao right at the beginning of the series and then struggles to find a point to anything. Kung Lao training to be ready for Mortal Kombat would have made much more sense then him training a bunch of one shot characters that would have been too old for the next tournament anyway.

    • Cleapatra25
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      I absolutely Agree with you. I have lists upon lists of ways that this origin story could have went a lot better.  This show could have lasted for at least 5 seasons…..All leading up to The Great Kung Lao’s death by Goro. But Ofcourse this is in Hindsight.

    Old Man
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    When is the next one?