• daddyhorrorx2
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    i like the new format it’s very 80’s/90’s,your doing such a great job,all of you.  you guys inspire my sooo much

  • DrPenguinstein
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    Thanks, was curious about this movie since Cinema Snob alluded to it during Sasquatch Week. ^ ^

  • daddyhorrorx2
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    he looks like a cross between the girl with the mask for a face in the tales from the crypt episode+helan hunt+the who’s from Grinch

  • VoodooPriestess
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    I remember my cousin telling me it didn’t matter if something in the movie didn’t mak sense as long as it adheres to the rules the movie set. That said, if I’m to believe bigfoots are commonly known if this movie’s universe, why was it such a novelty? Did they not have prior court proceedings involving bigfeet? And I don’t get the diner thing where the lady said if they kept on winning she would go out of business. But if they weren’t an underdog team before and won until Picasso showed up, why was the diner there? And if the bigfoot was allowed in school, wouldn’t he technically be a minor and there goes different legal proceedings of child abandonment, endangerment, be put in a foster home, ect? He would need to continue school and receive a proper grade point average to continue in extra curricular activities. And if he was so stupid he would most likely be moved into a different class for special needs. That aside. LAWN ORNAMENTS ARE CHEATERS! Ok then.

    And I’m liking your new set up. It feels like a radio station somehow. Very laid back.

  • eavan
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    I love this. It’s like the Supernatural podcast, but we can see you, which makes it a thousand times more awesome and adorable (not that the Supernatural podcast isn’t awesome and adorable, as much as anything that is about Supernatural can be).

    The movie itself had me at the lawn ornaments and lost me at the Bigfoot. It’s like that Teen Wolf movie… but worse.

  • Trixie_is_best
    Bat Hero
    Comments: 83

    If by going by the rules of Basketball in this movie, would it be legal to have a Grabloid join the team. The possibilities are endless, or maybe a Talking Cat?!?

    As for the movie, it feels like a crossover/knock-off between Air Bud and Harry and the Hendersons. Yet, having none of the redeeming or memorable factors those movies have. Its also sad that the Bigfoot in this movie looks worse than Bigfoot movies down my Asylum. Still, I can see this movie as a fun watch with friends to riff.

  • cheater71
    Old Man
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    I’m going to assume you and Phelous are living together in Canada, in which case, congratulations on making it out of Arizona. Its a terrible place.

  • SpeedyEric
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    I think The Cinema Snob brought the title of this movie up during Sasquach Week, because it DOES sound more like that of a porno than The Geek.

    The plot of Bigfoot plating basketball kinda reminds me of Teen Wolf for some reason.

    8:09- You mean that Bigfoot reality show that Joel McCale makes fun of week after week?  Yeah, that show is pure bullshit.

    The bullies in this movie are like the ones in Bridge to Terabithia, ANOTHER kids movie based on a book.

    14:45- Bigfoot gets a cold?  …He’s covered in FUR!  Oh, and last I checked, Bigfeet are also called abominable SNOWMEN!  God, this movie sucks.

    Everyone and everything in this movie is stupid with a side of insulting to the senses.

    The song “Stuck in the Middle” makes me wish I saw Reservoir Dogs before hearing about this movie.

  • Dunes
    Robert Cop
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    The whole adults’ apathy at the bigfoots’ appearance kinda reflects the filmmaker’s apathy with making this movie.

  • Dust
    Bat Hero
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    I always thought there should be a short movie, spoofing the stupid Airbud-type movies… now I know. It needs to be a wart-hog!

    • TheDog
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      No, it needs to be a man in a terrifying-looking bear costume. That way you both parody this movie’s terrifying costumes AND don’t endanger children with a warthog who could potentially rip their little stomachs open with it’s tusks.

  • Relaxo
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    My question is, if I got blunted as shit, would this be watchable then or would I just give up after fifteen minutes and turn on Adventure Time?

  • No1else
    Old Man
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    Hi. I realy don’t like this new format. Thanks.

  • FallenPomeranian
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    Good to see Phelan on the new format; I always love you guys’ collaborations. The bigfoot face was totally creepy, reminded me of Zelda from Pet Sematary… *shiver*. Keep up the good work!

  • valou999
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    A lot of echo with the new set. I’d keep an eye on that.

  • thisseatofmars
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    Okay… so the new format is basically a podcast?


    That’s fine by me, so long as we still have Baywatching and stuff like the Charmed reviews.


    By the way, I just watched your review of Birdemic II on youtube, with Brad and Phelous. Hilarious. I *still* think that’s the superior format, but what do I know? And it’s not my life/career. Plus, this is all new to me.

  • Sephiroth1204
    Just might make the CUT
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    Very nice! I look forward to more

  • Mizerella
    Old Man
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    When I hear the the new theme music I feel like I should remove my glasses, take down my ponytail, and flip my hair around in front of a fan.

  • BuzzUact
    Old Man
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    Liking this new video format.  Kinda reminds me a bit of Double Toasted.  I hope you have more guests come on to discuss terrible movies with you, I thought your conversations/discussion was really funny.  Good work, keep it up 🙂

  • YouAskedForIt
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    Why do I like this show? ‘Cause it’s the show that internet review seekers deserve, but not the one they need right now. So I’ll watch it, because I can stand the movies reviewed. I’m a night-time watcher, someone with nothing better to do. I just kinda get what you’re doing with this format. The flamboyant intro is intense. I think the radio format should be more chips to the wind, almost approaching a free-minded podcast format, but essentially produced with scripts and editing.

  • Gunwild
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    I dunno, personally I don’t think this new format is for me. It’s not that it’s BAD, exactly, but I feel like the lack of constructed jokes has you guys giggling at each others’ impressions and voices and stuff for most of the video.

    It’s good that you’re having fun, but there’s not a lot for me, the casual viewer, to be amused by. After all, I didn’t see the movie. There are more than a couple of times in the video where you laugh at stuff that would require firsthand knowledge without showing so much as a clip to put it in a humorous context for the viewer.

    Clearly some people like it, and your other shows aren’t gonna radically change formats so there’ll still be stuff for me to watch. But I might have to give this one a miss. At least for now.

  • happymel2
    The Fuct of Pepsiman
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    Wonderful. I swear I’ve heard about this movie before… Love this series just as much as I loved Obscurus Lupa Presents.

  • RunTheJewels
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    You guys forgot about the alternate ending where the sasquatch signs with the 76ers.  He’s can’t be much worse that JaKarr Sampson.

  • Sunako
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    Would just like to say while i respect you wanted a change and all i just wish this wasn’t replacing OLP, i loved OLP and i felt like it was something only you could pull off, this just feels a tad too awkward for my liking and as though i have seen it before a lot.