• Leech
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    Susan Silo? But I love her work! What did she do to deserve the fate of being in this crapfest? I have to say, though, the moment where Phelous made one of her characters defenestrate herself was right up there with the classic defenestration scene from the Amityville 4 review. Full marks for that.

    Also, I sure hope there’ll be a review of “Lion and the King”… It’s about time Phelous tackled the whole Phoenix Games/Dingo Pictures brand of rip-off game-movie-abomination-things. After Steffi Love and Filly Witchy another great rip-off made in Germany…

    • Doresh
      Just might make the CUT
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      Is it weird if I have to rely on American/British/Canadian internet shows to find out about insane stuff (that may or may not be a knockoff) from my own country?

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    That was Yugioh Abriged levels of hilarious, especially with the editing. I already can’t wait for your next animated movie review.

  • Doresh
    Just might make the CUT
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    So they decided to remove one of the story’s morales just so they can have a villain (since the fairy/witch was evil all along) ? Sure, I guess there’s no other way to create conflict in this story…

    P.S.: I’m not a style expert or anything, but that golden dress doesn’t look good on her, like, at all.

    P.P.S.: Love your cartoon reviews :3

  • lucasleonardo2014
    Old Man
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    A lot of people and players will really investigate for new games. – James Cullem

  • kashoterik
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    This was one of my favorite episodes. Definitely in my top 20. So funny and every joke made me snicker or bust out laughing.

  • Ultratech94
    End Of Transmission
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    1st – when did Mrs Pots (oh I mean Clara *saying sarcastically*) turn into the Fairy Godmother?

    2nd – The Beast is dying from loneliness? maybe we can all die from extreme boredom watching this movie.

    3rd – wow, I’ve always wondered what the long lost ancestor of the Dark Queen from Battletoads would look like.

    and 4th – I wonder if that “then let him die” quote would work in other discussions just like the Evil Popcorn Guy scene from the Nostalgia Critic’s Free Willy Review. let’s find out:

    but he said I was special. then let him die.
    but he was rather supportive and caring. then let him die.
    but he gave me the best blow job in the world. then let him die.
    but he’s the ruler of outworld. then let him die.
    but he saved my life. then let him die.
    but he’s a vampire with glowing diamonds on his chest. then let him die.
    but he’s the president of the united states. then let him die.
    but he didn’t do anything. then let him die.
    but he poisoned me and knows where the antidote is. then let him die.
    but he’s the nostalgia critic, he remembers it so I don’t have to. then let him die.
    but he’s pure evil. then let him die.
    but he can’t die. then let him die.
    but he’s already dead. then let him die.
    but he’s the grim reaper. the personification of death itself. then let him die.
    but I want him to die. then let him die. oh, ok then.


  • sadsadcomicartist
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    Somehow I don’t feel like “Carnical of the Animals” fits so well. I wonder why? The public domain is OBVIOUSLY the classiest source for music.

  • lunabuna
    Bat Hero
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    0:43 …Why is this one frame better than everything else in this movie? Did they just have their best animator work on that scene then bounce because he remembered life away from this film production existed? Geeze…

    Ah, the debut of Old Man. Hello, Old Man. You are a meme now~

    …y’know, maybe it’s because her eyes are closed when they’re usually really blank and vacant. No clue.