• likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    Yay! Crossover!

    Haven’t seen Xena or Hercules since they went off the air. If I remember correctly, they were cheesy & had Power Rangers grade special effects; ripe for comedy.

    On the generic & minor characters, I can only guess they were originally intended to be regulars or more important on the show, especially if the toy line jumped the shark by having the toys come out before they even knew either show would last more than a season.

    Yeah, pretty silly weapons. Would have made the shows even funnier.

  • Plasticlion
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    I stopped watching Hercules when I went to college but I recently started watching it again. I’m halfway into the third season but this video has ruined it for me. I don’t see the point to watching it now that I know Salmoneus’ fate.

  • OrangeRider
    Memeforce Zwei
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    The 90’s Hercules and Xena TV series sound like they were cash-ins to Power Rangers but Saban later ripped-off both with Mystic Knights of Tir Nan Og.