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    Venus: I am not a ninja! I am Lin Kuei!

    Ooooohhhhh, Chinese Ninja Tuuurrrtlleeee

  • likalaruku
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    I see now…. Venus is not the problem of the series, but rather that the 4 mains have become very annoying & irritating in reaction to her existence.

    • Silverstar
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      Yeah, my issue with Venus was never that she existed, but how she existed. The whole “Oh, we’re not really brothers, so it’s OK if we mack on you” thing was always BS, as the Turtles would still feel like brothers by bond as they were raised in the same home by the same parental figure, even if they weren’t biologically related. That ‘retcon’ was especially pointless since no actual romance came from it. The producers could’ve just made Venus their sister from the get-go and been done with it.

      It did seem weird that if there had been 5 turtles in the bowl all along, and Leo remembered a fifth turtle and Splinter was coincidentally in Dream Realm communication with the man who adopted said turtle, that they’d all keep quiet about all this time. Things that make you go “Hmmmm….bad writing.”

      Venus’ Mary Sue moment with Shredder was indeed the other thing that turned the character off to a lot of fans. They could’ve just gone the route of “Rise of the TMNT” and simply not used Shredder. Speaking of “Rise”, I always thought that April on that show acts more like a girl turtle and the boys’ sister than their human contact/liaison; you wanna know how to portray Venus? Refer to April on “Rise”.

      Finally, the name thing: Anguihssola, Gentileschi, Fontana, Nelli, Boticelli, Galizia, di Rossi, Sirani, Tintoretto, I could go on. I Googled that in 5 seconds. Come on guys, not hard.

  • Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
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    I actually like the Venus design and the suits overall for this production considering how much they had to be on screen, but man…you’re right she is the LEAST of this shows problems. Yeah I’m glad I was firmly “too old” for TMNT when this one came out and wasn’t really aware of it at the time.

    Honestly, as much as I loved 87′ turtles as a kid, it was goofy as hell and I can see all the problems with it as an adult… but Next Mutation is actually so much worse in every way. The constant slapstick and inability to take anything seriously without a noisy joke or sound effect would have been insulting to me even as a kid.


    Anyway, keep ’em coming. Love your review style and analysis of spin off properties of stuff I loved as a kid.