• The Phantom of Pulp
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    See the shows return is great if you’ve seen it…which NEVER have. Not even a clip.

    I now feel like I’m missing something 🙁


    Oh, something I saw think you’ll appreciate: close to where I reside is a pharmacy and in the wall sized window is an an ad for Duracell batteries (I think you have those in US/Canada; not sure) and the tagline is ; ‘A Quantum Leap of Power’!

    Maybe I’m mis-reading this but from where I stand, that’s pretty cool

  • jingleyells
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    Yessss I KNEW THAT HOSPITAL WAS EVIL! Poor Abigail.

    The intro felt very X-Files, I liked it. 🙂 Although Mulder and Scully handling smartphones and saying “Google” makes me scream on the inside… not sure whether that’s a good or a bad thing?

    Also his almost-blowjob scene, yesss lol, what a time to be alive.

    At times it feels a bit like: Look, we know about smartphones now, and there’s gay people! Look at our diverse actors! Obamacare! Snowden!! (more diversity is good obvs, it just feels a bit on the nose at times, like when Scully goes “I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT IN 2016…”)

    Haha, Mulder being all “what if Sanjay actually thought he heard something without actual vibration striking the eardrum??” like that’s never happened before to anyone ever. XD WHAT IS THIS MYSTERIOUS PHENOMENON?

    Wait, do Mulder and Scully share an office? If yes, why is only his name on the door? This is important stuff.

    I liked that this episode kind of had the generic X-Files monster of the week feel, just because X-FILES NOSTALGIA (though even less than usual got resolved in the end?), and it’s kinda funny that they keep to the X-Files tradition to just forget about most conspiracy crap when it’s time for the monster of the week. XD