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    Oh, how I hated this show, from the get-go. It falls for the usual tropes of “angels are actually eeeevil” like the dumb Constantine movie, and they kill off mythical beings who should be damn right immortal so easily, you gotta wonder why during the millenia of Human history, no-one did that already!

    And yeha, torture. Even if that’s a demon you are torturing, that’s an act of evil. For a paladin, that’d be an automatic fall.

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      I started watching this show last year and there nothing wrong with the first 5 seasons. They were pretty good 6 even had some decent episodes but it got pretty bad after that but, to badmouth the whole thing is going bit overboard. You can said all you want about the show after season 6 but there no need to bash the whole series  just because it not you’re cup of tea.