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    Careful with the tumblr bashing there. They might send you mean messages.

  • turbowolf7
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    Outstanding that Shao Khan has a new warrior in his ranks. He even has his own fatality. By the way I have this permission slip I need signed,  it’ll allow me to visit Out world. Starting to crave rice crispies,  but I don’t know why….. I hope old man stays a reoccurring character as your jokes through the years never get old. Except for the constant “sandwich” references,  THOSE offend me!!! *smashes chair through window and realize I don’t know how to fix that; cue old man laugh*

  • personsunknown
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    My only question (one you’ve probably been asked and answered already) is where you got the image for the ugly son of Old Man.  His tragic tale would probably be far better than anything these 34 cent movies have to offer.

  • likalaruku
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    “You will die for it.” No part of that scene didn’t remind me of CDi Ganon, only voiced by Goliath.

    Has 4 daughters, says he has 3. Says he’s giving one a red rose, chooses pink.

    They MUST have been going for Casper’s Uncles with the ghosts’ voices, because they are ungodly ill-fitting.

    Hope you review more cartoons this year. This shit is comic gold. Wonder what other fansatic gems this company has produced.

    Still suggesting the dollar store budget animated series called “Scruff” about a dog who looks for truffles. Let’s just say the animation staff is very fond of recycling. It’s by the studio responsible for Disney’s most godawful sequels, Quest for Camelot, the animation for Kangaroo Jack, & a few direct-to-DVD Tom & Jerry movies where they can talk. & all of those are arguably better than Scruff.

  • doinkies
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    I love it whenever you review cheap knockoff cartoons like this one and the Goodtimes B&TB…I hope you do more of them.
    My personal recommendation is The Secret of the Hunchback which rips off The Hunchback of Notre Dame (of course), right down to the singing gargoyles which are even worse than in the actual Disney movie. Also, they made Frollo look like Gaston.
    And what is the “secret” you might ask? Quasimodo grows wings at the end and flies away. I am not kidding.
    Wings grow out of his hump and he flies away into the sun.
    I would love it if you reviewed this one, if you can find a DVD of it (it’s on hulu).

  • obsolete
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    MY GAWD!!! The websites been redesigned completely!

    i like the new look the website and hopefully it will be more stable this time aroun

  • ImRaidAccount
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    I can’t believe that the description of the ghosts was accurate. I thought it was a joke.

  • BB Shockwave
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    Hey Phelous!  I got a terrible Mulan ripoff animated movie at a discount (they practically threw it at me), made by the same company who made these Beauty and the Beast animated movies. I’d be happy to mail it to you free of charge so that you can suffer through it too. 😉  I have watched it, trust me, it’s horrible – if somewhat short at only 50 minutes.

  • Sailor_Sega
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    Heh, that Tumblr line was gold.

  • CyborgPrince
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    I love it whenever a reviewer takes a shot at Tumblr and the thin skinned special snowflakes that inhabit it.


    A lot of people accuse the Beauty and the Beast story of being about Stockholm Syndrome. Usually it’s the Disney version that takes the flack for that. I don’t know about that version, but for this one I think it might be true.


    Interesting note on that misgendering joke. In French, which is the original language of the story, ‘bête’, which is French for ‘beast’ is a female noun. Which makes me wonder if anyone has ever written a French version where the beast turns out to be a woman and they have a lesbian relationship. That would be quite the progressive tale.

    • OrangeRider
      Memeforce Zwei
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      I would watch that lesbian version of Beauty and the Beast over anything that Hollywood makes nowadays!

      Also, what if there was a version of Beauty and the Beast where the Beast is a Male-to-Female/Female-to-Male transgender person?

  • NerdToGoDeeper
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    Hahaha wooow, that ghost backstory was dark. He probably killed dozens of people because he’s a selfish jerk and absolutely nothing of that got redeemed… but Beauty somehow loves him, so that’s cool then!

  • MoonSapphire
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    The way that this version of the Beast reacts to words pertaining to “beauty”… he has worse mood swings than the Disney one! And the ghosts’ backstory is rather dark, even for a Golden Films movie… O_o

  • OrangeRider
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    Is it just me or does the ghosts’s song kind of sound like a theme to some 80’s-90’s sitcom?