• Leech
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    The “My God”-King jumpscare was excellent, as was the rest of the review. Can’t wait for part 2.


    And: Oh, dear… Tschaikovsky’s Swan Lake in Beauty and the Beast. They couldn’t be arsed to find something more obscure in their royalty-free music library?


    Also: Happy Birthday, Phelous. And RIP, Tardis shed.

  • Daleklawyerbrony
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    oddly enough my birthday was on the 30th of august but i’m much youngr than you are so there that for you … THE DIAMONDS MY GOD!


  • likalaruku
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    You’re just too funny. XD If I had been drinking anything during this review, my keyboard & monitor would have been baptized in a sea of coffee & saliva over & over again.

    The 3 ghosts sound almost exactly like Stretch, Stinkie, & Fatso from Casper the Friendly Ghost cartoon series. Can’t be a coincidence. They really do look like Snap, Crackle, & Pop though.

    I have my saturation cranked to max for gaming purposes, so right now the beast is a blinding shade of rust red. He kinda sounds a bit like Goliath from Gargoyles here. Meanwhile Beauty seems to be made out of solid gold.

    Wow, this movie is horrible, not even in a funny way like the last one. This even makes Richard Rich’s “Swan Princess” look good. Speaking of which, that box office bomb had 4 direct-to-DVD sequels that all scored less than 10% on Rotten Tomatoes. Perhaps they’re worth a review.

    I really hate it when a show is set as a period piece & only the men are dressed accordingly. Beauty is basically running around in a slip. Wearing hair down in public with no hat wasn’t acceptable back then either. The modern equivalent would be her running around in bra, panties, robe, & hair curlers for the whole movie. Her sisters dresses don’t fit into any period of history, more like bad Disney D&D inspired costumes. & none of them are wearing petticoats or bloomers over their legs.

  • Ultratech94
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    1st – awesome job on the new review Phelous. I’ve been waiting for a new review for a while now. and with Part 2 on the way, I’m looking forward to the conclusion. which is worse? Goodtimes version or Golden Films version? we’ll soon find out.

    2nd – the moon from Majora’s Mask part cracked me up.

    3rd – is it me, or does Beauty look an awful lot like Rapunzel from Tangled and her sister looking a lot like Princess Daisy?

    4th – do you plan to appear at Magfest 2015 or is it just Alison? I’ll be there with my younger brother, so if you don’t show up, I hope to see Alison there. I’ll be the guy wearing the Fulgore t-shirt.

    5th – Happy Birthday Phelous!!! just for the occasion, here’s something for you to enjoy from one of your fans (Dethklok – Birthday Dethday): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZQAqOZ8-xQ

  • Jaimas
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    And finally, the Tardished meets its grisly fate. 09/04/2014 NEVAR FORGET


    Absolutely loved the Ben Drowned jokes in this one, Phelous. Well-done. 🙂

  • obsolete
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    bahaha the old mans dumb face and the ehhhhh sound has me laughing everytime i see it and the my god at the door was a good laugh too ‘lifts hands to the side of his face’ “HUH”

    • kashoterik
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      LOL dude you HAVE to love the Old Man’s EEEEGGHEEEEHHHHH lol  this video was classic, i am sweating it out waiting on part 2 😀

  • kashoterik
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    lol!!! ANOTHER Beauty and the Beast MY GOD! lol i love it, your videos have swiftly become my favorite content on the entire internet, keep up the good work man, I gotta have my phelous fix!!! I was going through Phelous withdrawels. 😀


  • kashoterik
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    phelous, your old man voice is priceless 😀



    PS i DID LOVE the old school phelous intro and music, it was like a blast from the past in the present as a present from the past to the future….. yeah.

  • likalaruku
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    Just watched this a 2ed time & laughed like I’d never seen it. This may be your funniest review yet. Also with editing techniques similar to Little Kuriboh, I’m going to start calling this “Phelous & the Abridged Series.”

  • BigJennaTalia
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    Phelous, your reviews really make my day. 

    I hope I get to see you and Lupa one day at a convention.

    I sketched this out when I was bored. It’s basically my prediction of what the third Silent Hill movie will be about. 



  • Laserface
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    I have an inkling that Phelous isn’t too fond of To Boldly Flee.

  • DexterYoung
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    Onto part two!

  • WinterDeathPeach
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    You know this is one of those animated movie where you can tell both the writer(s) and animators weren’t on the same page because why the does father say he’s looking for cover when he already has some with that carriage. Sure it wouldn’t be that warm and there be a chance he freeze to death but he be protected from the elements which is what the dialogue suggest he wants.

  • karignisha
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    The ghost are REALLY annoying. I’m really glad for the Disney versions. They did a great job on it. Somebody already mention this but I agree that the father could have gone in the carriage and be protected from the wind.

  • Sailor_Sega
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    Yay! I love these cartoon reviews.

  • CyborgPrince
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    Before I thought that shot at To Boldly Flee was just your usual phelousisms, taking small jabs at other CA producers. After reading your write up on parting ways I see it was a bit more than that.


    Those ghosts sure like to dick around with people, don’t they? I suppose if you’re forced to serve the guy that starved you and your village to death, you’d not give a fuck about other people’s lives either. I quite enjoyed your effects gags in this one, especially the sound effect finger wag. RIP TARDIS shed.

  • MrX92
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    Actually, the dolphin really is a character…in Golden Film’s The Little Mermaid, where the dolphin sounds like a nasally Rick Morains and the Ursula-expy disappears completely from the story after turning the mermaid into a human (she even has an earlier scene where she schemes…NOPE. Just gone)


    You should totally review the other Golden Films cartoons: Alice in Wonderland (where Alice looks like Princess Peach), Pinocchio, Aladdin (where the villain dies by tripping and STABBING himself with his own sword), The Little Mermaid, Hunchback of Notre Dame (where the hunchback is attractive looking and his has talking instrument friends)….

    • OrangeRider
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      I’ve heard of the GT version of The Little Mermaid from some other online reviewer but I’ve heard it is worse than Golden Films’ version of THODD.

  • DoctorBlue
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    Loving these really awkward forays into the realms of animation.

    One thing I gotta know though: What happened to that mini-house/tardis of yours? Did mother nature take it down or did you? Watching your reviews I could never quite tell where you live… (think I heard ‘apartment’ in a video but that might’ve just been a Quarantine reference; other videos show you around a house)… but I guess that place is ruled out.