• Handsome Pete
    Handsome Pete
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    As they say in Germany: “Manche Menschen stehen in der Dunkelheit, Angst, ins Licht treten.”

  • honkytonk
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    I happen to be german and can only say this Pete: No, they don’t.

    There’s at least one word missing in that sentence so you would only see foreigners trying to imitate germans talk like that.


    After seeing those comments, I thought there would be a heavy emphasis on  Germany in this episode, but it seems mentioning germany twice and making a sweet little 5 second skit is enough, to get people hooked on it.


     Anyway… Baywatch sure was popular here, but I guess not more than anywhere else. The only difference was, that there were some (I don’t have any numbers) girls at the age of 9-12 who thought David was the hottest shit ever to roam the earth… and some very creepy older women who shared that thought.


    One of my sisters actually had a lp of him… with “music”, you know… I clearly remember that we all – including my parents – made fun of her back then because of it and even today, when someone happens to remember it while she’s around.


    Obviously she doesn’t like that very much so she tries to avoid the rest of us whenever she can…

    • Leech
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      Don’t be such a Grammar Nazi, laddy. Do you want me to actually point out every single mistake in YOUR post? Wenn Auslaender sich die Muehe machen, deutsche Redensarten zu erlernen, sollte man ihr Interesse an der deutschen Kultur und Sprache als Kompliment auffassen.

      Anyway, what a wonderful idea, Lupa! I’m definitely looking forward to more “Baywatching” with you 😉

  • obsolete
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    GDAY Lupa

    .Awesome, I was wondering if anything baywatch related was going to start showing up. XD

      Du bist alles, was ich habe auf der welt,
      Du bist alles, was ich will.
      Du, du allein kannst mich versteh’n,
      Du, du darfst nie mehr von mir geh’n.

        EDIT:  I just finished watching it and im glad to find out your going to review every episode, I missed season 1 on the stream and other episodes threw out the other seasons we all watched together that we all had a good laugh at, its going to be sad when we finish season 11. anyway im looking forward to the next episode, Cheers Lupa

      • EpicFish
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        Does this mean there aren’t going to be anymore Manic Episodes of Charmed?

      • Spike
        I'm on a post!
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        I can’t help but love this series right from the start. This, along with your old Charmed reviews, are my absolute favourite videos of yours 😀

        Thanks for doing this, I don’t think I could EEEEEVER sit through a single episode of Baywatch m’self all the way through, but this is utterly entertaining.

      • TimTE01
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        Best Actor name…

        Billy Warlock

        Dick Warlock (his Dad)

        Finn Wolfhard.