• GamerGeorge
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    want to watch a good evil dead remake, watch evil dead 2 lol

  • Matt1
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    I really hope you’re taking the mick GamerGeorge because of what Brad joked about in his midnight of this film; Evil Dead 2 is definately a different entity to the original film. 

    • GamerGeorge
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      haha i saw brads midnight screening of it, evil dead 2 is a remake and sequel, but what confuses me is why ash would want to take his new girlfriend linda to the same cabin his old girlfriend linda and friends got turn into deadites and massacred because on the start of the film he mentioned he’s been to the cabin before.

      • Dust
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        The first 20 minutes or so are a condensed remake – the first two are owned by different studios, so they had to reshoot the prologue flashbacks. (Maybe he went to the cabin before the professor, the first time)


        And then there’s AoD Linda, who he met at S-Mart instead of college…

      • valou999
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        *sigh* Evil Dead 2 is not a remake, when will people get this already. The first 10 minutes or so is a very abriged recap of the first movie. Then when the scene of Ash being attacked by the ‘force’ near sunrise comes up, you’ve reached the same point as the closing scene of the first movie. Everything that follows from there is in direct continuation of Evil Dead.

  • The Bechtloff
    The Bechtloff
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    I loved the remake. I think it actually surpasses the original.

  • thedeadhalo
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    Personally, I thought that it took away all the camp and charm and replaced it with torture porn and gore.

  • Zirbal
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    I just watched the remake AND your video and I agree with most of your opinion BUT I did not feel like the characters were the same characters from the original… Like AT ALL. Beside the fact that the sister is the first to be possessed and the brother is kinda like the main character, I really don’t see any connection. Scotty is much more the “douche/jock” stereotype than Eric (wich I loooved, BTW). Olivia was much more interesting than (excuse me, I don’t remember the name in the original). And honestly, we didn’t see enough of Natalie to compare her to Linda. I don’t mean this is better than the original, I just didn’t see the characters of the remake the same way you did…



  • valou999
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    Alright! Now that I’ve seen the movie I can finally comment on this
    video! I did like the movie but had a few issues with it, one of which
    is the intro. Much like you said, it just feels completely unnecessary
    and it raised quite a few questions in my head. Who were all these
    people? How did they know so much about the book?  Why did they go to
    THAT cabin? Why did they leave the book there? Seems like a very stupid
    thing to do! Also, the intro only served to ruin some of the surprise
    about the deadites and the fact that they can pass as being ‘normal’ to
    trick people… Of course I already knew this, but newcomers to the
    series probably wouldn’t. So yeah, would’ve been better off with without
    this whole bit. This time could’ve been used for better

    Ah yes, the characters, they were pretty forgettable – except for Mia (the sister) and Eric (the long haired dude). Mia as a deadite is creepy as hell and Eric, even in the most extreme situation, still has some of the best reactions and lines of the bunch. He knows they’re all fucked and so he acts accordingly. And the poor guy gets so much abuse it’s not even funny (well actually it IS). The other characters, aside of the brother, we really learn nothing about. I actually had completely forgotten about the girlfriend till she spoke something in the middle of a scene, reminding me that, hey, she exists. And as deadites, both girls looked threatning but, unlike the Mia deadite, they did not speak or taunt the characters, something I really wished they had. I appreciated at the very least that the characters weren’t your common stereotypes for this sort of movie…

    One thing I thought the movie was horribly lacking was some surrealistic
    elements, you know, stuff like in the original ED and ED2: the water
    mirror, the pipes filled with blood, the rocking chair, the laughing
    furniture, the geyser of blood coming out of the wall, the creaking
    walls and so on… Mindfucks that are making the main characters feel like they’re completely losing their mind. I don’t know why they decided to do none of that stuff here. Instead it’s pretty much deadite possession after deadite possession and fighting them off relentlessly, which is a shame.