• Mewizkuit
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    Ah, I remember that good old Poké Ball Blaster. I had a purple one, so the Master Ball was actually the right color. Ha, I have that Raichu, and that Psyduck, too. Also yeah, even the official version of that Pikachu that couldn’t stand up has trouble standing as well. …I’m pretty sure some of my Poké Ball Blaster Pikachu had holes in their butts, though. I remember putting them on the ends of pencils.

    Oh I love how you used the Japanese Pokémon anime theme, by the way.

    • katrina69
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      I’m pretty sure some of my Poké Ball Blaster
      Pikachu had holes in their butts, though. I remember putting them on the
      ends of pencils.

  • Handsome Pete
    Handsome Pete
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    The one without a missile hole in his behind could be a bootleg Pichu.

  • GamerGeorge
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    faylus plays with toys and has a attractive girlfriend, may’be theres some girl out there for me lol

  • The Bechtloff
    The Bechtloff
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    These bootleg zones are pretty cool. Keep up the good work Phelous.

  • Sephiroth1204
    Just might make the CUT
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    That was hilarious xD

  • Prons
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    Peg Pickachu erry day

  • likalaruku
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    Man does this go great back-to-back with Peanutbuttergamer’s last review.

    Looks like all these Pikachu’s are high on crack.

    “Stop eating my fucking ass missiles!”

    Are they supposed to be oversized pencil toppers?

    I’ve seen treasure chest Mimics before, but never a toilet.

    • Retrospective
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      [quote=likalaruku]Are they supposed to be oversized pencil toppers?[/quote]

      I believe they are,  anyway you can always stick a suction cup in there. One of my friends has some of these and  one of the figure that is showing the peace sign was missing a finger two bad it was the bottom one.

      BTW are the gray spots the actual uncolored figure base ?!?

  • b1tRider
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Interesting sidenote Astroboy fired lasers out of his ass…I’m wondering if this feature is incorperated in his bootleg equivalent

  • Torque
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    So Phelous, when you go to do your taxes, do you put these bootleg toys as a business expense?

  • Reaprar
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    While I know pokemon pencil toppers exist that use one of these molds, what I think these are actually knock offs of is a pokemon battling game, that was similar in design to subbuteo. The models all had holes in their butts which attached to pegs in some sort of, half-pokeball stands that you flick around the field to use attacks and try and knock them off the board or something.

    It’s a pretty vague memory, and I don’t seem to own the set anymore nor can I find anything like it online, but I definitely recognize a lot of those molds, both the pikachus in the set and the other pokemon in the images at the end of the video.


    So there’s that.

  • PineappleLord
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