• MikeKz
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    Ahh, the Resident Evil CGI movies, good only by default.

    So, “The Country.”  Yep, Capcom sure makes a habit of being non-specific when it sets a RE game in a foreign country. 

    • Ottomic
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      Guess they learned from when they pictured Spain as a bunch of 19th century yokels still using pre-Euro silver coins as currency and speaking with a marked South American accent.

  • Johro
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    I admit I have yet to see this, but it really does look better.  So… any chance they’re going to bail on the live action films?  We can hope right?  At least bail on the plot, characters, director, writer, continuity(whatever’s left of it), actors, and anything else besides the name…and then they will get better as well.

  • Unsealedcross
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    Sweet another film I need to see. That is after I get Resident Evil 6 archieve edition since I want to play Veronica, 4, 5 Gold Edition and I think Degeneration comes with it? I’m not entirely sure, but still extra 20 bucks for an aditonal 3 games and one of the only “good” Resident Evil films, yeah I’ll buy it.

  • That Guy on the Futon
    Old Man
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    I’m sure that I am tardy to the party on this, but I have just noticed how Leon and Ada have the same haircut. 

  • Indiana
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    Personally I love the sandwhich jokes and hope you never stop using them 😀

  • stonedXmonkeysXhero
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    haha ii like the O.R.C spec ops badge with your cosplay, and you kept a better continuity than the dumb ass live action movies… great callback to your afterlife review 😛 and i just love your reaction to the tyrant showing up and krushing the lickers head, mainly because i did the same thing when i first watched this and much like degeneration i wish some zombies or plaga where in the final battle but nothing really major and a very good movie 😛 some critics where bashing it because they didn’t play the games and it did sorta piss me off but hey alot of people have been bashing re6 lately for no good reason… also i liked you’re little snap at re5 keep up da work phelan 🙂

  • obsolete
    Prodigy Pet Gym Leader
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    i had a feeling video of this would pop up.


    is a LP: RE6 next?


  • megadolaon
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    snap! I love it when movies are able to succesfully and competently put together a vg movie. Pretty much, only these two CG films. But I feel that the filmmakers are at least trying to do their fans justice. Unlike those…OTHER…movies..

  • Dexy22
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    Great review, I hope you also end up doing Resident Evil 6 as I heard that was a blunder.


    I’m surprised you didn’t review the more modern Resident Evil games like you did for Silent Hill, would definitely love to see that.

  • Nylonathathep
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    My good sir, I love your reviews.


    It’s good to see you being… chaotic neutral to a movie -and a Resident Evil movie of all things!- from time to time. Gives your rants more strength!


    And your Barry impersonation is deep and emotive. Whenever you say “What… what is this?”, the viewer can sense the demons that haunt the character, marvelously hinting and sketching the past, frustrating experiences he must have gone through his youth… his troubles questing for the perfect flirt line and only coming up with food analogies.

  • b1tRider
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    What no Barry in the “Country?” 

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    Leon is a sentient wig that attaches itself to random bald men & takes over their personalities, or tries too.

    White guy looks asian, asian woman looks white. Go figure.

    Still looks cartoony to me.

  • Yunadanta
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    Just finished watching the film myself (then some of the extras afterwards, then your review after those) and glad to see you enjoyed it.



    There was one of two things though I wanted to point out from somethings you said in your review just to clear up 2 of the problems you had with it (though one doesn’t clear it up, it instead makes it worse to tell the truth), though this is only what I took from watching it so I may be completely wrong.


    • The first was why the President of “The Country” didn’t use the B.O.W.s to battle the terrorists B.O.W.s:  It explains in the movie that the Elders gave the terrorists the Plaga virus and towards the end the President says how she had an agreement with them for the oil. After thinking about it I thought that it was her who gave them the Plaga virus so that she could use them as a way to fast-track her country into the United Nations and be independant since if she was seen as battling them like the BSAA or other countries do, it would draw support to her country’s legislation into the United Nations. If she was also seen using the B.O.W.s to combat the terrorists B.O.W.s then United Nations would have cut ties with her and sieged the country like at the end.


    • The second one is the problem with the President herself, mainly who she is. A small answer to this is actually revealed, foolishly, in one of the extra on the disc not the movie itself. The extra is called “The Plaga”, it documents and runs through all the various B.O.W.s that appear in Damnation and near the start it mentions that the President isn’t an actual human but was genetically created by one of the scientists who was working on the Plaga virus but had broken away from the company (which I believe was probably Neo-Umbrella mentioned in RE6, though I haven’t finished it so i have no idea if this is true or not) which funded or employed them. This could be used to explain how she has such proficient combat training and was able to gain a seat in the political works of “The Country”.
  • foxit50
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    sorry but i liked leon’s old voice more

  • IHadAShotgun
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    Holy crap, JD sounds like he was voiced by Lupa’s Radu impression. Awesome man.

  • HeadHunterX
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    I’m not entirely sure they actually said where the Parasite hooks onto. Though I do know that they said that severing the spinal cord is the only way to stop it.

    As for Leon’s dead eye accuracy he probably knew where it was due to “Buddy”‘s body language. 

    Honestly I much rather address the fact that he was aiming at Buddy’s chest.

  • ohelmore
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    where did you get the audio clip of the RE cast song without the names?

  • Aethelred
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    I thought a Leon sandwich is what happens when Aida and Ashley decide to compromise…