• likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    Kids: “Trick or treat!”

    Radu: “Thank you.” ::takes candy::

    Kids: “You’re supposed to give US candy.”

    Radu: “Oh, I’ll give you something alright.”

    His accent is called Frenchlish. Franclish? Benzaielish? Sadpandalish?

  • Piers
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    Oh Radu, you so crazeh!

    Those kids were lucky though, getting a full sized snickers bar from trick or treating.

  • Reaper Cloud
    Reaper Cloud
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    I was hoping to see Radu during October, and he showed up!  Plus as an extra bonus, his movie review gave us another look into the thing that is Tommy Wiseau.  Seriously, Wiseau looked freaky in this movie.  He made Radu seem like a runway model.  lol  I also liked how you worked in “The Room” jokes/lines.  Very well done.  😀

  • thedeadhalo
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    Yes! Another RR! This definitly made my day! Thanks Allison!

  • ninjadnice
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    hahahaha this review was amazing! Wasn’t that guy with the nice teeth the guy on that show Cheaters? I could swear I seen his smug face before lol. Oh man Tommy was great in this role. He really got worse didn’t he?

  • honkytonk
    Old Man
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    Oh man I didn’t even know he made another movie!

    It looks gorgeous! And his acting is still solid as a rock.

    What a funny story radu… anyway, how’s your sexlife?

  • killerbunny
    Old Man
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    Oh dear god that was awkwardly awesome. You have to have Radu interview Tommy at some point. It can be the battle of the accents! And Michelle must go through so much visine continuing crying for the whole RR series. I hope u can maybe give her more of something to do, as well as putting in some Mama Radu time. Can’t wait for the next one! Hopefully it’s a PSA on mentral cycles or something of the like that. Always did want to see what vampires think of that sort of stuff.

  • stonedXmonkeysXhero
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    OH MY GOD!!! i laughed so hard i almost pissed myself and my asthma acted up and i had to use my inhaler… I HAVE NOT USED THAT IN 5 YEARS!!!! i have actually not used it in so long i let my little brother use it considering his is more severe than mine… but anyways this was… fucking… GENIUS!!! keep it up allison 😛 wish you luck