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    That was a very informative video 🙂 I personally want to thank Halloweenie for doing this video.

  • Reaper Cloud
    Reaper Cloud
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    That was awesome!  😀  My favorite Holiday of all year is Halloween, so this review was perfect for the beginning of October.  🙂


    I liked how your voice was a combination of two different voices.  Clint Howard and Peter Lorre.  Were you trying to do that, or just made up a scary sounding voice on the spot?


    The mistakes/errors in the video were great!  All the quick cuts when Halloweenie would explain something were hilarious.  My favorite line was “Well you know what’s fun to me?  Killing pe…(video cut/edit)…more candy!”


    Do you happen to be a fan of the Monster cereals?

  • Torque
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    SILENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Denver
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    Well fuck my donkey


  • seanpkd30
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  • kanoyume
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    Halloweenie is the  best thing ever.  I made an account just to announce this.

  • David
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    This was great and I hope we see more of Halloweenie in the lead up to Halloween. I like his hands.


    I didn’t know you guys over the pond had Cadbury’s Creme Eggs though. Or Smarties and Aeros for that matter.

  • Mewizkuit
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    Ha, this reminds me of a poem I wrote in grade 1 called “Halloweenies”. It was about Halloween themed hotdog wieners. At the time I didn’t know wiener was slang for penis, so it was funny!

    …yeah, good times.

  • RedSarah
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    I love Halloweenie!

  • wetman
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    So we can look forward to Christmasee, Easteree, and turkey…ee. I personally want to see Christmastree-ee explain why he’s  a freak of nature tree with human arms and why he’s reviewing christmas tree ornaments.

  • Brundlefly
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    Hi-fuckin’-larious video. I had to create an account because I didn’t have one, and that’s the only reason I did that, not to comment or anything. I just sign-up for every account on the internet because I’m obligated to by law. I haven’t laughed this hard since *doesn’t finish sentence, walks away*

  • Piers
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    This was awesome! I think we have our new Halloween icon. Great work as usual. 

  • Octo Seven
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    rofl classic video. Phelous what is Halloweenie’s nationality? Mexylvanian? 

  • Aural Aurum
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    That was awesome, Phelous!


    Now, never do it again.

  • SsnakeBite
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    Oh I think I’m going to love Halloweenie! 🙂

    And yes, the “fun-sized” candies are bullshit. But I guess the idea is that there’s more of them so you avoid running out before the last kids have come to your house or something like that. Also maybe so the kids don’t gorge themselves on them, which would obviously rot their teeth overnight.

  • thedeadhalo
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    I cant help but think that this is somehow a pardody of the iRate gamer…

  • DCEnygma
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    Wait a minute! How did he use a gloved hand to put on the first glove!? That kind of continuity error will not be tolerated in my videos about fun-sized Halloween candy! Halloweenie is ruined forever!

  • Johro
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    That was great.  Now I want a Mr. Big though… and the store is so far away.

  • Steve3
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    See people, that’s why you never rub a lamp shaped like a jack-o-lantern, you never know what’ll come out

  • Literate Dead
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    Seriously, Halloweenie, why do you keep talking about people with no bones… wait, what…? That was the AD?! Damnit, I’ve been watching the wrong show all this time!


    Egads, Halloweenie… so cheap and cheesy it could be Radu’s new nemesis 😛

  • edrobot
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    I find it funny that over the past month you’ve been doing absolutely everything except movie reviews. Especially ironic given that you mostly cover horror reviews, and it’s now october of all things.

    Though if your review hiatus means we get to see more of Holoweenee, I’m all for it.

  • sylice
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    i liked the different takes of each scene 😛


    but i could tell right away, that your hands were fake, shocking! D:

  • b1tRider
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    I  agree phel…. um er I mean Halloweenie.. Don’t you think burgers are shrinking too??

    It’s a conspiriceee haloweenieeee!

  • kaitohari
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    Oh god, my brain!!

  • megadolaon
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    hmm..well..to quote YOU Phelous… *ahem*…”WHAT THE FAAAAAAAUUUUUUUGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH–” *slows down to a stop and fades to gray*

  • likalaruku
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    A bonus for my daily dose of WTF. lol.


    I’m trying to think about which early 90s hip-hop singer hat-wearing glowy skull looks the most like.

  • Batphil
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    You know… All I can think Of as I watch that video is that it must be really hot under that mask. I mean…. Mr Halloweenie is obviously his own person if you don’t think about it.


    On a side note. I ended up getting addicted to supernatural since I was curious about the actual context of the clips you put of it and it just happened to be on netflix. Trying to catch up before the new season that starts in a few days.

  • Neradoc
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    *runs away*

  • f2ilbardo
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    When you do this kind of surreal comedy I can’t stop laughing… 😀 It reminds me so much the british comedy like the one of Eddie Izzard…. Please do this kind of madness more ofter!

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  • elaurino
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    Halloweenie is a brilliant creation!

  • lunabuna
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    LOLing at all the “WTF” comments. XD It is total wtfery, and it’s GLORIOUS!

    I actually have a hard time hearing a lot of what Halloweenie says because every jump cut makes me crack up. I don’t remember my initial reaction to this show, but once understanding of the theme kicked in, I was a goner. Halloweenie fan for life. :3

  • Spike
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    Huh, I just realised that despite the fact I find the character hilarious and look forward to this every year, I’ve never seen the first episode of Halloweenie!

    And it, of course, turns out to be really pretty funny, hahaha XD
    I’m glad to finally go back and watch it. Shame that, as the years go on, there’re fewer of these episodes.