• ninjadnice
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    This video doesn’t work… What’s going on? Was this not authorized or something? 

  • M Chambers
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    “Joss Wedon had an idea.” Joss Wedon couldn’t write wrongs or direct traffic.
    This film was a cheap cash in on Luke Perry’s huge fame at the time. They needed a script fast and this one was lying around.
    The film’s only redeeming value was that it had Kristy Swanson in a cheer leading uniform. Much like the show’s only redeeming value was that it had Sarah Michelle Gellar in a cheer leading uniform and various other street walker outfits each week. 50% of fans admitted this was way we watched the show. The other 50% were lying.
    The show had “good writing” and “strong characters” because ‘Barney’ was just too complex for some viewers.
    If Sarah Michelle Gellar had actually been allowed to a open up and play the role of seductive sadist as she had been on ‘All My Children’ and ‘Swan’s Crossing’ she would have been running the whole school and enslaved the Master, converted the Hell’s Mouth into a toxic waste dump, forced Spike to become a vegetarian, forced Giles to burn down the library and gauge his eyes out, forced Cordillera to cannibalize her own parents, had Angel and Xander fight to the death, and manage to foreclose on an orphanage or two all by the pilot episode.
    That’s why I hate Joss Wedon! He turned Gellar into a wimp!
    A stake trough the heart? Gellar never let anyone off that easily on her other shows!

    • theoremofgoats
      Old Man
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      You realize your basic problem is just the fact that Sarah Michelle Gellar plays a GOOD character as opposed to evil, right? The television show was amazing, and as a straight woman, it wasn’t to see what Buffy was or was not wearing…