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    Jon Protagonist
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    I don’t remember ever seeing or hearing anything about this show, but it definitely fits into that weird era from about 1988 to 1992 which feels like it’s own mini-decade. Too cynical and pessimistic to be the 80s, but not self-aware and weird enough to be the 90s.

    It seems like they were maybe attempting to make a Sam Malone (Cheers) or mirror some of the new Fox sitcoms with flawed male leads like Al Bundy (Married…with Children). The only problem, as was pointed out in the video, was that they had to also have likable characteristics and a moral compass that gets tested like Sam Malone, or get their come-uppance and karmic retribution like Al Bundy.

    The impression I get, is that this was meant to read very differently and somehow got away from what was originally intended. Especially how the father is literally a stereotype of a typical right-wing jerk who you wouldn’t think is supposed to be sympathetic, but since the universe of the show is incredibly mean-spirted and crass – he fits in as it’s king instead of a villain.


    Hey, here are two weird, obscure, short lived shows from this era to check out, Allison:

    Nearly Departed – a sitcom about a ghost couple dealing with a new living family moving in – a lot like Beetlejuice,

    The Charmings – a sitcom about literally Snow White and Prince Charming living in modern suburbia. As a kid I kind of liked the show and had a huge crush on the actress playing Snow White, but they replaced her after maybe the first season and the new casting just didn’t leave the same impression or have the same charm.

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    I was expecting way worse. I do agree with you about the racism and the ex-husband though. Also, I do love the tiki girlfriend’s outfits.