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  • Edmond Dantes
    Just might make the CUT
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    A year ago a fan named KaryuudoSubs did a fansub of the Japanese version of Armada.  If you’re not aware, the show was a co-production of America and Japan and the American release actually aired first, but that meant we got not only rushed scripts (thus resulting in all the Leader-1s) but also a lot of scenes with blatantly unfinished animation.

    The Japanese version also has an original, catchy-as-all-hell theme song.  As a bonus, Karyuudo’s version still contains the English dub track, so you can watch that but with the improved J-DVD source, as well as a ton of extras.  Basically, the kind of thing the official DVDs should’ve given us.

    Unfortunately, all the Japanese TF shows kinda suck.  Basically it seems like this franchise only does well when Americans handle it.  Still, might be worth looking at if you ever dive into this show again.

    ….. Personally I hope you go back to the Fairy Tale well sometime, (just as long as its not yet another version of Beauty and the Beast).  Puss n’ Boots has an interesting adaptation history, a notable version being a 1969 anime movie from Toei.  That cat you see in the Toei logo?  That’s actually their version of Puss n’ Boots (they call him Pero).

    I also hope you cover Britannica’s Sleeping Beauty tape.  I was shocked to see footage of it and realize this is one I actually saw when I was a kid.