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    Jon Protagonist
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    While later season were better, and I confess I haven’t seen every single episode of Enterprise (probably close to 90% by now- I’m still a Trekkie god dammit) – I don’t think the show ever got “good”.

    It was doomed from the start: an attempt to make Trek more “mainstream” by playing up the brave American astronauts angle, a lot of early 2000s sci-fi tropes, really obvious and poorly executed sexy-time, and poor casting choices including a Scott Bakula that fluctuates from looking bored to bitter about being there.

    On top if that, you have a crew filled with more diverse actors – and by that I mean Mayweather and Hoshi – who barely even exist or get anything to do most of the time. Seems like a step back from the last few Trek series in that regard.

    I know this video is about a specific episode, but I thought I’d just give my little rant on Enterprise. It’s not the worst show ever made, but it rarely rises above mediocre at it’s best.

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    “Unethical” song on Apple Music when? 😉