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    Bat Hero
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    It’s interesting how this episode was deemed to be “too much” and was banned on American TV, yet the DD episode “Dead Duck” was perfectly fine and still aired in regular rotation. I agree with Phelan that “Dead Duck” was much darker than “Hot Spells” was. No joke: when I saw “Dead Duck” for the first time on The Disney Afternoon, it messed me up so badly that I never watched the episode in reruns. I would always watch something else when the show got to that episode.

    • Aotrs Commander
      Aotrs Commander
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      As bizzare co-incidence happens, I just finished watching Darkwing Duck (for the first time since the 90s) on Disney Plus. So that they missed an episode is disappointing – but I never would have known, were it not for your review! I too am baffled by the bizzarre episode order, since everything else on there I’ve watched (e.g. 90s Spider-Man) is in the right order. (I noticed the pilot out of place right away, but didn’t realise how BADLY messed up it was until I was much further in, or I’d have gotten the right order ftom the internet and lived with a lot more searching around.) I would have to assume you are correct, and this episode just got forgotten since whoever was responcible for setting that up wasn’t doing a proper job of it.

      Incidently, that Darkwing Duck is allowed to have guns which shoot bullets and talk – and even have – people die, while the 90s Spider-Man and X-Men (ostensibly serious series) were not even allowed to SAY the word “dead” or “kill” remains patently ridicuolous. There is a staggeringly large number of things wrong with the world today, but at least there is some microscopic consolation that particular bit of lunacy has been mercifully left behind.